वर्ल्ड कप टीम विश्लेषण बांग्लादेश – अंग्रेज़ी शर्तों में बांग्ला प्रदर्शन करने के लिए Sakib और तमीम कुंजी

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As the final countdown to the ICC World Cup in England begins, Sports Tak brings a series of team analysis.
Vikrant Gupta, Gagan Sethi and Rohit Juglan discuss the strength and weaknesses of theBangladesh squad.

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Virdi Deep says:

India zindabad hai aur zindabad hi Rahe ga I love you my cute India ms doni love you so much 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Virdi Deep says:

Bhai kal apna kya ho ga India Vs Australia ke sath🤣🤣😆😆

asad babu says:

Saifuddin our trump card baller.Great death over baller.

asad babu says:

Muatafiz suffured from injury.

asad babu says:

Soumya loves to play bounce ball

asad babu says:

Tamim Iqbal average since 2015 is over 50.

truthspeaker12 says:

last thing we want is an indian evaluating bangladesh! guys apna kam karo, india will not even reach semis!

Akter hossain says:

Good analysis & we out south Africa in the world cup .

Rakib All- Rounder says:

Analysis just lop

Juahir Matin says:

In champion trophy 🏆 2017 Bangladesh was played semi-final against India not quarter-final. U guys should know as a cricket analyst

Juahir Matin says:

In India I only love this cricket show 🇧🇩

Farhan Sadiq says:

That dhoni cut head was made by a guy in kolkata…. U should know
… Please don't speak without knowing… We know u are literate people bt u should definitely talk by knowing as u r speaking in a public platform

amir hussain says:

Hi I am from Bangladesh I love my country and I hope Bangladesh go to see final and thanks bro you speak to Bangladesh cricket crazy friends

Jashim Fill says:

Dekna salu tum logoko is world cup se Bangladesh lat marke nikalega……….

manik md says:

Blue shut your bad guy

Md sagor Hossain says:


Youtube guys says:

nidhas trophy india was suffering to chase 223 runs

Mansoor Ansari says:

Top 4 England. South Africa Pakistan west indies

Mr Tom says:

3 bustard are making lame jokes! Bangladesh will show their ability in WC match!

For your kind information bangladesh is champion trophy 2017 semifinalist! ( you goats don't know about that famous news how can you judge a team like bangladesh?)

grow up rendian mother fucker!!!

Cool Sam says:

India has no chance to go to semi final. They will be ended up at number 6 in this cwc19.
1. England
2. Australia
3. New Zealand
4. Bangladesh
5. South Africa
6. India

Dipo Roy says:

Having coffee from a Ketley shows how much big his brain is! bharat mata ki jay for such big brain idiot !

rahul sharma says:

semi tha wo

foodie wala says:

1 England

2 Australia

3 New Zealand

4 Bangladesh

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