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Football can be a very competitive game full of selfish players who are cut throat and relentless showing no mercy and no respect towards others but there are some moments in football where footballers show their human side, today we’re counting 10 beautiful moments of respect in football

This first moment will definitely bring a tear to your eye bradley lowery was a young boy we’ve mentioned before but I didn’t get to show his full story, bradley suffered from a rare cancer and football fans from everywhere came together and supported bradley this moment shows when players let bradley take a penalty at his home stadium of sunderland against a real professional goalkeeper.

When young bradley tragically passed away hundreds of fans lined the streets at his funeral to pay their respects a very sad but respectful act from football fans nationwide

This next clip shows the very famous and talented footballer pulisic being approached by a young fan for a selfie but the security decides to take the boy away for disturbing this interview but in an act of complete respect pulisic runs over to the security and takes time out of his interview to take a picture with the young boy

This next beautiful moment come from russian team moscow, russian fans are known to be brutal and unrelenting even compared to other football fans but they all came together to cheer on this young handicapped fan, the fan was helped over the semi circle and was allowed to kick off and fake start the game

This next moment shows a young boy with down syndrome being allowed to take his own penalty in front of a packed out stadium its beautiful that the whole team can come together to make the day of one particular fan and when he scores he can’t be happier

This next moment shows footballer lucas moura playing football with his young son, lucas’ wife brings down her young boy and puts him into his father’s arms before playing football with his father, the fans cheer as the young boy adorabley kicks the ball towards his father this moment was cherished by lucas mora

This next video shows the moments fans reunite together in the french stadium to mourn the death of their defender emiliano sala, whos career was just getting started before he lost his life in a plane crash, it’s so beautiful to see all of the fans unite and remember the talented young player

This next clip shows how respectful ronaldo is despite the negative press against him in this video a fan runs onto the pitch which most players would get annoyed at, but ronaldo tell the security to let the fan have what he wants as ronaldo takes the picture with the fan

Juan mata is a manunited player who was respectful enough to take time out of his day to greet and sign the merchandise of a young disabled man united fan, he then lets the father takes a picture of juan mata and the young boy, this undoubtedly made the young boys day

This next footballer is very respectful so much so that he sacrifices his penalty because he doesn’t believe his team deserved it, in this clip the referee gives the player a penalty but this was after a miscommunication and because of this the player passes the penalty to the goalkeeper

This next young boy was sent away by security when he tries to take a picture with lionel messi, luckily this isn’t the end of the story though, lionel messi sees the young boy and send his back and when they unite lionel messi and the young boy finally get a selfie together making the young boy’s day


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