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Even if you are not a big sports fan and do not know who became the world boxing champion and who received the golden ball, you will definitely like this video. Today I will show you such moments from sports life that will surprise not only professional athletes, but also those who do not really like sports. So, lets get it on.


japeking1 says:

5.46…Cricket. Not Baseball. and 6.43 the team-mate does nothing. The Keeper saved it.

PageWraith says:

I can't finish this. You know nothing about sports. A waste of time.

Amanuel Amelak says:

The vids were cool men but I felt like I was watching HOW ITS MADE but with less preparation and information! The name is also super misleading for the vid! It would be a lot better if u work on the material better and add a bit showmanship! Instead of just collecting a bunch of vids that doesn't even have the same theme!

Wood & Whiskey Designs says:

Gotta love millennials who think they know about sports enough to make videos. This idiot doesn't even know the sports he's talking about…. SMH

Charlie's ADV says:

04:03 That is not baseball. It is cricket

hugh eley says:

It's not baseball, it's cricket. Get it right, dummy!

Mungo 1967 says:

This bloke knows nothing about sports:cricket; karate – lousy commentary! He is the only embarrassing thing!

Andrew Blackamore says:

Started watching until I got to the FAKE video

Aiz Toh says:

My opinion about this video is clickbait *

Norm Simpson says:

Dude, your mother Lied to you. Nobody wants to listen to you talk.

andrew green says:

cricket not baseball

Douglas Forney says:

A band is NOT an orchestra. Get it right!

BigHeadTodd3 says:

. . . might want to brush up on calling the sports and terminology correctly . . . highly annoying . . .

pavan bhat says:

Did you say baseball at 5.55. It's cricket

ronit Roy says:

I think you should know the name of the sports and home work on it befoe making video any sports videos.. Sports is a very respectable thing for every country.. No like no subcribe.. Until you share correct info. 😂😂😂😂

ronit Roy says:

Dude before making the video.. Do your home work… And also learn the difference between cricket and baseball. Every bat and bowl in a outdoor ground is not baseball.. So make you are facts clear before u execute something.😀😀😂😂😂😂

Simon Butler says:

Typical American, has no clue what cricket is. Lol

Simon Butler says:

Who really would want to slap those tig ole bitties? Lol

Bill Ledbetter says:

Lame. All of it. Lame.

ficklefingeroffate says:

More long jump please.

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