& # 39; श्रीलंका के लिए खेल रहा है एक विशेषाधिकार है, तो आप इसे & # 39 कमाने चाहिए; – संगकारा & # 39; अगली पीढ़ी को रों सलाह

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Former Sri Lankan Cricket Captain and Chief Guest of the prestigious Dialog 4G – The Sunday Times Schoolboy Cricketer 2019, Kumar Sangakkara made an interesting speech on the 16th of September at Nelum Pokuna Theater, Colombo.

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Anil Mallawarachchi says:

You are an inspiration Kumar, thank you for being a real cricketer and a nice gentleman bringing a massive recognition to our country. Please don't take your eye off from Srilankan cricket. Srilanka needs you.

vijayantha herath says:

What a important & encouraging speech to the younger cricketers who were looking forward to represent our National team in the near future & you showed that you're a Real Gentleman of cricket in on & off field as well.

pushpanathan prashanthan says:

Wow we’re good speaking

Udendra G says:

I think he should have made the speech in Sinhala, making it understandable by all the young kids present there.

Ravi Chandra says:

What a great speach speach . Hard works pays the dividents. I doubt the present days they earn that why we are in the low ebb.

Janaka Chandrasekera says:

The Gentleman Cricketer Of Sri Lanka.
Yet another eloquent speech.

charith goonewardene says:

What a beautiful speech. Very timely may I say .. ! 👌👌🙏

SM GEEK says:

Great speech ❤️🇱🇰❤️

Elanklo Chelliah says:

Nothing but a sensational, inspirational example for kids who wish to take up cricket. Sanga, your E
nglish and body language is nothing short of a gentleman. Congratulation for being the president of MCC. We all love you SANGA.

Krishna Kumar Sivalingam says:

As usual, just "WOW", nothing more to say!

shazeen ifamy says:

absolutely great Kumar Sir. I wish you and your family a great future and may god bless you and Sri Lanka. I have a speech tomorrow at school for the student council election and I will be using your example from your "ISAC" speech. I hope i can make it proud. Thank You!

Asitha Gunawardana says:

Fantastic speach but I still tell you that you had more time to play for sri lanka..you retired on a wrong time and without thinking about sri lankan future of cricket at that time you retired..there you could sacrifice a little bit of more your time. Sri lankan cricket still breathing heavily. You wouldnt have to say these things now If you could have say these things while you playing little bit longer in the middle of the crease . That's my personal idea. I have nothing against Sanga. But I felt retired 3 great players at the same time any team would be in very big trouble for long..that's the time you could change your decision of retiring with Mahela… thank you. But you are a great player there is no doubt about that. And also your speach was fantastic!!🤗👌🏾🙏🙏😊👌🏾

emmanuel silva says:

sirase pakayo apata cmmets danna denne na.

Ami Dissa says:

තාම සිංහල බෑ නේද මෙයාට 🤣🤣

Al Muksith says:

sanga fans like

Al Muksith says:

legend sanga

Harry Jack says:

What a speech one only sangakkara excellent

Riyas Liyakath says:

At the end
The people need not to speak only about the runs, wickets and matches won they wanted to speak you as a people and your qualities. What a word that is purely suit for Mr sangakkara great gentlemen of the game in world cricket. What ever he said he applied to his life that is the reason he is getting the best ever respect all over the world. Sanga we proud as Sri lankan🇱🇰❤️

rienziemarina Ousman says:

Please do what you are doing as you will be remembered and respected throughout the coming years. One request do not get involved in politics. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR RESPECT SINCE POLITICS IN SRI LANKA IS NOT AS GOOD AS YOU OR WE ALL EXPECTS.

C4 24 says:

Real gentlemen..👍👍👍👍❤❤❤

indika iroshan says:

සංගා කියන්නේ අතිදක්ශයෙක්.හොද උගතෙක් සහ ක්රිඩකයෙක්.සිංහලෙනුත් ⁣කෙටි දේශනයක් දුන්නනම් වටිනවා.මගේ අදහසක් පමනයි

Mellow Monsoon says:

Other than the correct English, I couldn’t hear anything special in this speech.

seenikkuge chaminda Anurasiri says:

great advise for youngsters

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