#9 USC vs. #1 Notre Dame – 1989

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The Trojans gave the Irish quite a game, capitalizing on un-characteristic turnovers courtesy of Rocket Ismail.


Peter S. Murutz says:

Kowalkowski wins in the end with robopunk

Peter S. Murutz says:

Cold day. Roboquarterback made an ass of himself. Robert Smith was here. Said it was too cold and left early. Total joke

Peter S. Murutz says:

Saw this game with LARRY FAITH

Charlie Babbitt33 says:

Tis was an incredible game Marinovich was a really good qb and not sure y he couldn't get over the hump in the NFL cuz he had everything you're looking for in an NFL qb…Was athletic , tall–6'4", rocket arm, could read defenses, was accurate, etc..Really had it all so still confused.?.?.?

devildog1982z says:

Rice was such a TOUGH QB.

TheSBleeder says:

A very rare poor outing for the Rocket.

Shawn Mcginnity says:

The 80s were great days in college football

oofahman mooch says:

Love it when the Condoms lose

Carlos Nuckols says:

The refs at ND always cheated

Ben Marino says:

Tony Rice ran that Option Offense masterfully for ND. Simple yet very effective in the different sets and variations.

K says:

Greatest game ever played in Notre Dame Stadium

Phaedo13 says:

when college football was special. now fast forward to 2018 and it devolved into the garbage it is now

A Skeleton's Daisy says:

Two players on that field who ended up committing suicide.
USC #55 Junior Seau
ND #90 Jeff Alm

Chris Workman says:

Tony Rice ran that option to perfection! Miss everything about old school ND football down to the field!

Madj 1970 says:

These were the years notre dame had talent and swagger. A little arrogance if you will. No more do you see that at notre dame it’s not allowed


when Notre dame was Notre dame boy

seattwa says:

A tough contest, hard fought. You don't see this as much today.

Ralph Morgan says:

ya good game and an intresting momment in history for the foot ball community.

waqqodonkey says:

good fuckin game!

Scott Friery says:

I LOVED the tenacity of this team!! This is the 14 year span when the Irish OWNED USC.

Brian Rapp says:


Taracus Jones says:

AWESOME!  Memory lane…. I fell in love with Notre Dame and learned to hate USC…lol.

Patrick Farrell says:

The level of talent on that field is crazy

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