Aguerooooooo! Manchester City 3 2 QPR Last Minute Premier League Title Winner

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NICOpro7 says:

Lol 😂 when QPR where in prem 😂

Thinees Kumar says:

2019 anyone?

Apaadanya VLOG'S says:

Watching in April 2019 ??
Hit like😀😀😀😘
I hope this moment will happen

Lkbaili Zwawi says:

Watching this in April 2019?😂😂🤣🤣

Andy Carruthers says:

I’m not a city fan great team as they are now and they have had some legendary players but this was amazing I don’t think we will see anything like this again unbelievable great to watch 👍👍👍

SM7 YT says:

By far the best goal ever in any sport

MUFC Joshi5201 says:

Then a year later, 20 times ❤️

Tabia Kamalanathan says:

good video from the kamalanathan family

SM7 YT says:

I wonder how many things were destroyed while celebrating the wonder goal

Manchesterz Finest says:

We will never ever forget this day…. putting our stamp on the prem for years to come…. always be a proud blue…. CITY CITY CITY

Life In Dubai says:

It still gives me goosebumps to this day

JDJ says:

I was screaming for De Jong to release the ball before he passed it forward and started the attack. For decades exiled in Portsmouth and surrounded by glory hunting non Manc United fans goading, I wore my City shirts with pride in defiance. So my many years of faith and support, yes I’m a manc, was well worth it. Still makes me tear every time I watch it back, I had the last laugh and I warned all those United fans, what goes around comes around and karma is a B/!,(tch.

Game Play says:

Yo I am ageur

krizpal1083 says:

I could've sworn I saw a QP rangers player celebrating with the Mancity team after Agüero scored the winning goal…

TheAndjoh says:

Still cry when i see this !Mcfc4Ever

Hosea Fesehazion says:

This breaks my heart everytime i see it ( i’m a utd fan)

Mrc Rosi says:

This single moment of the PL had more intensity, glory, bravery, honor, and it brought more joy, happiness, tears, dreams, than all of the best moments of the other leagues combined. This is why the Premier League is the best league in the entire world.

Timliu92 says:

My personal Top 3 Premier League moments:
1. Leicester winning the PL
2. Arsenal finishing the 03-04 season as The Invincibles (Arsenal fan right here)
3. Man City's last min winning goal by Sergio Aguero to secure their first ever Premier League title



Philip Rowe says:

Aguuerrrooooo(voice crack)oooooo

Chima Nwaneri says:

After the watford last minute goal is is my second fav last minute

Abdullah A. says:

Everyday every moment I watcin this video. Look at the fans reaction when Aguero’s shot moment. I’m a turk and Galatasaray fan. But this video is amazing!

I really every moment watchin this video for a good day. Maybe crying 🙂 this is football this is life. This moments give me life energy everyday.

A coffie, cornflakes and man city’s magnificent comeback for A GOOD DAY 🙂

Juan Martinez says:

I love how he screams “aguero” unbelievable comeback

Olivia Younger says:


Eddie7 Mungai says:

Never gets old😭😭

Matthew Perks says:

Spurs fan. Gives me goosebumps

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