Amber Marshall Calgary Stampede Announcement

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Here's the video that was showcased during the official Calgary Stampede announcement where Amber Marshall was named Parade Marshall!

About Heartland: The Bartlett-Fleming clan deal with day-to-day challenges and pursue forgotten dreams. Their strength is tested as they face personal struggles and must look to one another for guidance and support.

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Delanie Donohew says:

I am sooo adicted to this show. I would do anything just to go to Canada an visit Maggie's and the set.

Debbie M. says:

Why did Tim change his mind about proposing to Casey?

Oῳıɠơཞ40 says:

when are you going to release the thirteenth season?

ZenoBT says:

Where can I watch the series for Romania?

2 Fab says:

Omg I can’t wait for season 13!!!!!!!

Luiz Alves says:

Por favor 13 temporada

Mackenzie Adams says:

Oh my gosh I love you guys so much! Heartland is my favorite show ever! I started to love horses after watching this! I wish I could meet you guys so bad! I would love to meet you guys! I have watched every season on Netflix! I love every character on Heartland!

Clarissa Adame says:

Can’t wait for season 13 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Farmer Boi says:

Love watching the show.

coan ellison says:

I'm from England I'm a huge fan Amy (ambermarshall) you inspired me to talk to horses now my mam bought me my own horse thank you

Scott Spears says:

Any chance Netflex could pick up for more episode for season 13 after what CBC agree to do? Like.. if CBC do 11 episodes, maybe Netflex can sponsor adding to the season some more episodes up to like 22 episodes? CBC do the first eleven and Netflex pick up the latter half of the season since the series is airing on Netflex?? Just wondering….

ashlee gill says:

Agreed ☺️

D R says:

Hola Heartland soy de uruguay me encanta su serie es lo mego . me encantaria que vean este comentario realmente me e sentido identificado con algunos momentos. de Heartland
los quiero chau

Jamie Keisel says:

i love you so much amy

itsjrose s says:

please bring new seasons to Netflix

Maggie Young says:

GRAHAM WARDLE…..You were FANTASTIC(as usual) as a Reporter at the Calgary Stampede 2019! U R an Amazing young man/actor! Thanks for being the Greatest Heartland Actor(Ty) we 💝💝💝U!

Créa Schleich says:

je suis francaise donc coucou de la france

maya watt says:


Ahmed Ah says:

Well said amber.. Just one question.. I did not see a Tim's house??

Giuseppina Incatasciato says:

I love Heartland!

Maggie S says:

I love heartland!!!

Nikki Miller says:

When will more seasons come to Netflix? Or how can I watch 11&12?

Phillip Thiessen says:

Can't wait for season 13

Nancy JH says:

Amber you’re such an inspiration to women and I love that you allow yourself to be so natural and vulnerable on Heartland Most importantly I absolutely LOVE the fact that you are an animal lover I have five dogs six at one time but lost one recently and people think I’m nuts!! It’s a lot of work but I wouldn’t change a thing Thank you for being you !!!

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