Arsenal 1-3 Manchester United | Premier League Highlights (17/18) | Manchester United

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Jesse Lingard’s double strike sets United on the road to victory at the Emirates after Antonio Valencia’s opening goal, and it’s a record-breaking night for David De Gea in United’s net!

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qasim sajjad says:

I rally wish Valencia stayed

Believer Man says:

The time where davy used to play as davy

Yasser Ben says:

Man Utd had 24% possession but they rounded it up to 25% to make it less embarrassing lol 2:21

Ahmed Sule says:

Ole wasted lingard😔

Hhv Mmm says:

Hate these camera angles

jkrow 123 says:

Whats the song ??

Aji Prasetyo says:

Anjir kya nonton tsubasa:v

mohammed zakkaria says:

i think soon spiderman will not starr in movies..instead de gea will flourish in his place.!

Dang Huong says:

De gea have a crazy game

Dang Huong says:

Where that Jesse??

Cj Ichida says:

After coppanhagen goalkeeper did us dirty, I know how other oppositions felt about De Gea

A 77 says:

What kind of camera is this maigod.

Handsome Devil says:

Back when de gea didn't make errors

Yasuof says:

I miss this de gea😭😭

Bimpe Adeyemi says:

0:43 who else Loves the Lingard celebration 😎

Sinister says:

When lingers was a beast
Edit: he’s back in the game!!!

Jah says:

When lingard was actually decent


When lingardinho was really lingardinho

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