Atlanta Hawks Rookie Trae Young Joins Posted Up with Chris Haynes

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Atlanta Hawks rookie guard Trae Young joins Posted Up with Chris Haynes: A Yahoo Sports Podcast.

He talks about being forever connected to Luka Dončić, his time at Oklahoma, comparisons to Steph Curry and being in contention for rookie of the year.

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Marquis Lester says:

Im the best one it yessir

isiah s says:

Just forgot Josh s at the 4 huh

Deven Cross says:

Great video

KrayzieJay87 says:

Loving this series.. great job!

wassumariyu says:

do marvin bagley please

Rock Bone says:

I think he's partially retarded

Baby Jocko says:

Trae's greatest asset is his confidence. In fact, confidence is the best asset anyone doing anything can have. Confidence is the base ingredient that enables achievement. One can only be the best if he believes he is the best. Trae can become the GOAT of the NBA. I believe he will because he believes he will.

Baby Jocko says:

Horford never played PF for the Hawks. He played Center. Even if he had played PF, he was not the best. Petit, the best Hawk ever never played in Atlanta, so we won't count him. Best PF was Kevin Willis. However, John Collins will become the best Hawks PF ever by next year. Best Hawks center was a tossup between Mutombo and Moses Malone. Best PG was Pistol Pete. Best SG was Lou Hudson. And, of course, best SF was 'Nique.

Chamba Nairobi says:

ATLifer! ATLANTA HAWKS! Straight up though, much respect to Trae Young and his dad, but it's time for dad to stay behind the scenes. Dad being in videos and interviews is for college and high school, he is in the pros now, no more dad assisted interviews.

Richard Simba says:

I couldnt give more Fs to the Roy, i want rings, not 1, not 2. Not 3, not 4. Not 5 not 6, not 7,… Its a fact that you will just get better, you have that hunger on you. True to Atlanta bby, lets go!

Messe Lingard says:

How could you not know about 2 time MVP Bob Pettit, arguably the best Hawk of all time? Disgraceful he is not the four of your teams.

TunezCottage says:

These rookie races are getting crazy. The Donovan / Simmons race was nuts, this one is building up too. Cray Cray.

Dondonmixedflip says:

milsap for 4?

Rob D says:

and trust me chris if this team gets good and trae continues to grow the state will be behind them I drive 2 hours to ATL three times a year to watch the hawks play. Also check out UGA recruting in BBall 5th best class in the nation.

Rob D says:

As a life long GA native and huge GA sports fan my all time starting 5 for the hawks is easy I got Pete Maravich Joe Johnson Dominique Al Horford and the finger wag. you got good slashers good shooters 3 guys that could handle the ball and break people down a defensive stopper in the middle and a clean up guy on the offensive glass and not only is horford a good shooter as a stretch 4 but he is so flexible on the court he can do it all from a 4 position. Good height to across the board 6'5 6'7 6'7 6'9/6'10 ish for horford and the finger wag is close to 7'.

Denis Jerkovic says:

Isnt this guy the worst defender in the league now.
21 7 and 6 beats out 18 3 and 7, Trae is delusional to think he deserves it over Doncic.

Willie Webbs says:

Rookie of the year

matt gillis says:

Luka has had really good consistent ability, but Trae has had the best ability


Ryan Montgomery says:

Who cares what his dad thinks? It’s his kid what do you expect him to say?

InfectedByZombies says:


Yahoo! Sports says:

Should Trae Young win Rookie of the Year?

G Chapo says:

I love how Chris put it, Trae had the opposing teams best defender from DAY ONE, Luka didn’t so to hold that 1 bad month of November against trae is very unfair

Justin Marshall says:

Put Some Respek On King Young 🔥💪

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