Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Beginners : Standing Leg Sweep Move in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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Learn how to execute the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu standing leg sweep move from a black belt in the free martial arts video.

Expert: Aaron Fruitstone
Bio: Aaron Fruitstone is a Martial Arts Instructor & Competitor with a 6th Degree Black Belt in Taekwon-Do.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller


Nelson figkin says:

Good Stuff.

Staggers9010 says:

Too easy to counter. It has to be at the right moment for it to work.

charvi sharma says:

judo is the good nd dangerous game of the world

charvi sharma says:

i like this game judo

543diditwork says:

What he missed is getting your opponent off balance. Thats the first part of the technique and a crucial one. Push them up, back, and to the foot your sweeping and the move will work even better.

PlymouthColony says:

I learned this in judo years and years ago. People who are saying it is worthless are misunderstanding how to use techniques in a fight. You don't walk up to someone who's just standing there and put the move on them. You are grappling in a clinch and your opponent moves, you feel his weight shift or some other favorable feedback, and so you put this move on him. It's part of your arsenal that you use in a dynamic fight. Think dynamic, not static. These are really good beginnner videos, IMHO.

Jabberwockybird says:

This move is completely worthless. You will get your back taken!

No Greater Love says:

..I've always done this as a kid, and it always worked. But these days, my friends have a good stance and know its coming. its actually a very predictable move, and an obvious way to take someone down :/…a trip and a push.

fatcarrot123 says:

thats harai goshi in judo :L,bjj dont do that move because its harder to execute and exsculate to the floor and can get thrown whilst trying :L

jimmy Apua says:

i remember when my father teachedme this techniche, he could show me how to fall first though 🙁

killerneon302 says:

sounds like this guy has a bad cold

CJ Pwnhouse says:

@chokeul8tr This is not an expert video. Plain and simple.

CJ Pwnhouse says:

@jtutch They are putting out informational videos to the public douchebag, not leading an advanced clinic. They are intending to show people who don't even have a white belt or who are on white belt the basics of the move. Beeeeesides, technique on that level will be more of a personalized finding than a taught procedure.

salizar1 says:

@jtutch shut up

chiladin says:

@Klammerapfe I know this works regardless especially in a world where 99% of people don't know how to really fight! The average white belt would destroy the average regular person!

Prince 52boxing MMA says:

@THEPIELORD42 All you gotta do is ask a Bjj guy or Google it yourself, At the time a lot people used judo and jui jistu interchangeably since judo is really just a modified version of jui jitsu anyway. In essence Judo ,BJJ, Sambo all have roots with jiu jistu however the FACT remains it was Kano's student who taught the Graicies so BJJ comes from Judo.


@tpbisdivine i was watching a documentary on the gracies and they said jiu jitsu plus its called brazilian jiu jitsu not brazilian judo

Prince 52boxing MMA says:

@THEPIELORD42 No… The founder of BJJ was taught by one of Kano's students/ Kano sent his students abroad to teach and one of them taught the Gracies . In a sense you are right too being that Kano was also a master at jui jistu but I am in not wrong. sorry


@tpbisdivine NO……..the founder was taught by a japanese immagriant who was a master of japanese jiu jitsu the reason you see simalarities in judo an BJJ is because judo was made from japanese jiu jitsu by kano

dorigzz says:

sadly i found out at a tournament 99% of sweeps and throws doesnt work if the other person knows them to

taha32 says:

wrong. its kinda your calf on back of knee.

diegotemdq1982 says:

this ir wrong, when i practice jiu jitsu they make the same mistakes, but taking a few classes ( a lot really jejej) the mistakes they all gone…. for throw lesson, a judo teacher, for grown jiu jitsu….that was my experience and i hope you listening, thanks!

william andrew says:

could that be because she is much smaller than him or no?

Bondenaron says:

I'd say it's rather a question of what submissions you are good at, but that covers most situations.
Obviously if the arm is stretched like that an armbar would be convenient. But usually people would try and protect that arm immediately because that armbar is such and obvious attacking point.
Short question, long anwser xP
So, yeah. If your opponent is stupid enough or you're just really fast and really tight when you do it. You'd probably manage to do an armbar.

Vincent Osuna says:

Ugh, Mostly All The Boys At My School ONLY Use This Move, And Just Know How To Punch.

abrown925 says:

What is the easiest submission to go for when your in that position over the person you've just taken down? Arm bar?

Ibyc says:

that has nothing to do with strength

Prince 52boxing MMA says:

I was just trying to answer your question in by letting your answer it yourself lol .. sometimes our tone doesn't translate well over the net. but anyway BJJ comes from judo. The founder of BJJ was taught judo from one of Kano's students. That's the reason you will see a lot of similarities.

Prince 52boxing MMA says:

if you have to ask then you need to learn what judo is and what bjj is. if you're being sarcastic then ha ha ha

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