Calgary Stampede Parade 2018

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Calgary Stampede Parade 2018
July 6, 2018
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


awesomeboxlord says:

That parade was my first stampede parade to be in i was in round up band it was very hot in the uniforms so that might look like everyone has had their soul sucked out of them

OrcaDaily says:

I was there I followed the flames to the end and met johnny gaudreau YAY

Plxp Plays says:

at 17:45 you can see my appaloosas, i wasnt riding cause i had to clean the tack, but thats my friends amailie, maria, doug and dougs friend haunz

The Donald says:

Why the fuck did you skip through the military part?? U fucking bitch 43:19

Dionza Breaker says:

Oh at 37:25

Dionza Breaker says:

The ladie when she said uh that looks hot me** oh yes it is trust its hot in at

Dionza Breaker says:

Oh my god i'm in here uh when i was in here it was so hot like i was really tired like ugh

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