Chrisian Pulisic vs Salzburg – HE SCORED 2 GOALS TO PROVE HE CAN REPLACE HAZARD – Chelsea – 720p HD

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Chrisian Pulisic vs Salzburg – HE SCORED 2 GOALS TO PROOF HE CAN REPLACE HAZARD – Chelsea – 720p HD

Christian Mate Pulisic (Croatian pronunciation: [krǐstijan mǎːte pǔːliːʃitɕ];[7][8] born September 18, 1998) is an American professional soccer player who plays as an attacking midfielder or a winger for Chelsea and the United States national team.[9][10][11]

Born in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Pulisic began his professional career at Borussia Dortmund, where, after fast progression through the team’s youth academy, in which he featured in only 15 youth games, he was promoted to the senior team in 2016, at age 17.[12] He featured sparingly in his first season at the club, but his involvement increased dramatically in the following campaign, where he was a mainstay in the Dortmund team that won the 2016–17 DFB-Pokal.[13]

After three seasons of first-team football at Borussia Dortmund, Pulisic moved to Chelsea in January 2019 in a transfer worth €64 million ($73 million/£58 million), making him the most expensive American player of all time.

Pulisic holds several Bundesliga and Dortmund records; he is the youngest non-German to score in the league, the youngest player to score two Bundesliga goals, and is the youngest player to appear and score for Dortmund in the UEFA Champions League.[14]

A U.S. international, Pulisic has scored 13 goals in 30 games for his country. He has appeared and scored at every youth level, and made his senior debut in March 2016, at age 17. Later that year, Pulisic featured at the Copa América Centenario, before he became the youngest person to appear and score in a World Cup Qualifier for the United States. Pulisic has also featured as team captain—their youngest ever.


the islander says:

His Croatians are showing support.

Digital Encom says:

Goals 1st 2:48 2nd 4:06… Your welcome 🙂

M. Fahri says:

Hey USA, send your talented boys to europe, torture them with european quality football for many years. survivors will definitely thrive in europe! THEN you will be considered as one of the big "soccer" country. Thank me later!

BigTimeSpider says:

They dont play him …..why

anthony lopez says:

And straight to bench he goes

Lkgpuanimho 0 says:

Now I realized why Lampard keep him on the bench, that pace when you are chasing game can be lethal late in the game when the opponent defenders are tired

Esteban J. Rosado says:

I wish he stayed at Dortmund


Lozano movement makes a lot more danger , Lozano 3 times better than Pulisic

Sergio Ramirez says:

Lozano mejor


This kid is only 20 sky is the limit

Ur Mamas Freak says:

Number 24 kobe's number

omega Gaming says:


the islander says:

You can see Croatian flag waving for Pulisic but no American flag.

Kalliopi Kay says:

My God, can't they learn how to pronounce his name?



silvia paola says:


Cole Lutz says:

I love when people say this kid isn’t American. He grew up in Hershey, Pennsylvania; it doesn’t get much more American than that lmao

The Jester says:

He's already better than Donovan Dempsey. Not even close.

Tu Papi says:

Couldn't stop mexico lol

Christopher Hipp says:

Pulisic is a great young player and a really easy guy to root for. I do so wholeheartedly. He's the most talented player we've ever produced. However, the headline suggesting he is going to "replace Hazard" is both ludicrous and unnecessary. In no way shape or form does two preseason goals "prove" he can "replace hazard".

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