De'Aaron Fox joins Posted Up: A Yahoo Sports Podcast

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Sacramento Kings budding star De’Aaron Fox sat down with Yahoo Sports Senior NBA Insider Chris Haynes on his podcast to look back at his rookie season, debate who is the fastest player in the NBA, how he improved his shot and much more.

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RAG718 says:

i dont know how this chris haynes dude is but he conversation like he know these people……….. okay I dig it… #realtalk ,, haha

Matthew Abercrombie says:

Hold on let me google that for you: It's from Phil Jackson calling sacramento Cow-town so we brought the noise.

Money Grow says:

Sacramento is not country. But cali has the best soil to farm

Arithon says:

Sacramento Kings season ticket holder's received small cowbells in the season pass package a few years ago.

J S says:

Sac USED to have hella cows and smell like cow shit all the damn time until the shipped them out the valley I belive.

SaniBanks says:

Chris Haynes needs his own channel

Orlando Torres del Pino says:

Yes, Beljlica, goes to one corner and opens up the floor for your layups but that's elemental. This team is talented to win it all with Bagley.

Andrew Crittenden says:

Chris Haynes: regarding the Cowbells, I think this is how it went down. ARCO ARENA was surrounded by cow fields. An opposing player, I think a Laker back in early 2000s… made a dig about playing in the middle of a cow field when he came to Sacramento. The next time that player came to town, a couple of fans brought cowbells. And it grew from there…

wassumariyu says:

fox is a superstar in sac


Hahahah we need khawli leonard here on a long ass interview ..just imagine hahahaa

Dal RA says:

i love hearing fox speak he's so smart and charming

Gokhan El Lobo says:

great interview he is very impressive on the court this year needs to get stronger and more consistent with his jumpshot but I definitely see a future all star in him

jflow 1992 says:

Lovin the show/podcast. Keep doing ya thing Chris Haynes!

jcanthony16 says:

Love this guy i hope he continues to get better, he will be an all star soon

JJ 916 says:

The cowbells started when Phil Jackson said that Sactown was “semi-civilized” during the Kings and Lakers rivalry.

Justin Marshall says:

Love his energy great mindset and perspective

kingblair88 says:

great interview

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