Denard Robinson's Comeback vs. Notre Dame UNDER THE LIGHTS!

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Harris Highlights says:

Which single-game performance would you like to see remembered next?

Abel Aldrich says:

Im a huge Michigan fan this was awesome

Jake Pophal says:

Last decent michigan team

Donny Jones says:

As an avid OSU fan i gotta say Denard Robinson was a beast.

Mike Shelton says:

Was this the game in which Eminem was in the booth doing that open-mouthed stare?

Jake Lindsey says:

Best birthday gift ever. Go Blue!!

247 CEO says:

He was the original highlight reel quarterback before Lamar Jackson he never changed position in the NFL then he would still be playing

Wallace Dawson says:

Speed in Space, I hope Gattis is reviewing these tapes

Chris Morton says:

Dam I miss college football

Byron Jackson says:

Why isn't he a NFL starter?

James Ward says:

That flat footed throw with defenders draped on his legs was a dart!! That was a really impressive throw

Nothing channel says:

God Michigan had some ugly jerseys

Jerry8yomomma says:

Didn't the Jags try him out at RB for a little bit

User 3-12 says:


T. Rizbone says:

Seeing this almost makes me want to cry.. I wish he was still Michigan's QB..

Charlie Ballou says:

The stadium was quiet

check ya chin says:

Let's hope Michigan can win 8 games this year. Its sad how long we have sucked now. Embarrassing

Johnny Boy Cassidy says:

These highlights can go fuck themselves.

Go Irish!!!

Caleb Kaiser says:

Most recent Nd Michigan game was pretty great too〽️

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