DraftExpress – Kawhi Leonard Pre-Draft Workout & Interview

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Courtesy of: http://www.draftexpress.com/

Exclusive interview and workout footage of Kawhi Leonard (San Diego State) as he prepares for the 2011 NBA Draft.


Smoky Donuts says:

I’m here after watching Minks and Big Jah.

Sam. iam says:

I'm a NBA expert, with a bit more practice this kid has potential in the NBA … might even win a championship.  hope he gets drafted.

augustinez87 says:

I thought it was mink

Because of Anime says:

Seems like a fun guy.

Raghuveer Dubagunta says:

He thought it's enough talking for 10 years 😂

Chill Introvert says:

The Littlefinger of the NBA

Chan Eric says:

Honestly, it's my first time to hear his voice.

Chouking says:

Dang I didn’t know Kawhi be sagging back then lmfao

food shop says:

Indiana clowns for trading him🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

Reinis01 says:

He still defeeeends till this day

Hawkeye Mihawk says:



Prince Samuels says:

Dedicated From Day 1 🏆 Master Craft….Balislife

Wakemeup Now says:

I see him winning a championship in toronto

level steam says:

He had a different shooting form back then.

Ishaan Sreelal says:

I had to deFEEEEEEND

CMooVe says:

what are the shoes he has on here called?

Alf_ dawg says:

His talking makes this video feel longer

Sandro Vardzelashvili says:

my man is number one today

Adrian Fazo says:

How the hell did the Pacers draft Kawhi and then trade this future HoF?

Tyson Yousif says:

Ahh, '90-'95 babies. The last to wear baggy shorts and socks pulled up to the calves…now they're trying to show as much skin as possible, short and tighter shorts with ankle socks or no socks. I can deal with the shorts as long as it doesn't get worse but damn wear some socks this is basketball

Jimmy de Leon says:

Smart man with passion, he made it!!

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