Dude Perfect Sports Line with NERF!!!

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We teamed up with NERF on a NEW Sports Line!!
Coming soon to a store near you in 2016!!

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Wong Ninja Life says:

Other than me there’s no virus comments yet

syed abubaker says:

Why is this in my recommendations???

Tryhard games Channel says:

Please new video

Gabriel Jimenez says:

Has anybody forgot about this channel does do perfect even know

Hockey Century says:

Start posting
Edit, happy 2020

Owl City says:

Nice tricks

Alex Bendana says:

Me still waiting for them to upload 3 years later

Paper Bag says:

Oof well rip the channel

bike_life_sam says:


Brayden JC says:

Where did this channel go?

Price37 Be right says:

This channel has been forgoten

Lolo Basting says:

I miss this channel

HeinekenLite 28 says:

You just turned on newest first to see who commented last

Sigit Sunarto Notowijoyo says:

They can either:
1.quit you tube
2.is practiceing a new trick shot

Connor Plays says:

1st. (Not clickbait at all )

Greg Love says:

I want to get that the nerf stuff

rinor rrahimi says:

What the heck can someone why there are no videos i mean the new once

Jeffrey Miranda46 says:

What happen how come no more videos here

Slambamcam says:

i think they forgot about this channel

Chezman5106 says:

This is a dead channel

Poor_Ew LOL says:

Dead Channel

cellini051 says:

You guys should use this channel again to post bloopers and behind the scenes! I'm pretty sure everyone would like to see that

Jos Cha says:

I got that game today

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