Dude Perfect & STRskillSchool | Football Trick Shots | Street Soccer International

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STRskillSchool and Dude perfect met in London. We didn’t have much time but filmed this. Please watch to the end. Includes the most dangerous trick shot. Enjoy!

Dude Perfect http://www.youtube.com/dudeperfect
STRskillSchool http://bit.ly/subSTR
MEGWIN TV http://www.youtube.com/Megwin
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Atharv Bagul says:

Someone in 2020

James Youens says:

You guys should see yourself in the future

RareWaysUp says:

Why are you doing a video with such capitalists like these?

Mayank Kumar says:

Do trick shots with badminton player

Am Batman says:

It's Football not soccer

Thomas Sjoholm says:


Mohammed Thayef Kahar says:

That's in my area

The Gonzalez Family says:

For a minute I thought it was Tony hawk

Abram no464 says:

Soccer shoot out not penalties

Wasif Shahbaz says:

You are best in Trick Shot dude Perfect

the heel says:

good at throwing things

bad at shooting things

that is dude perfect

Smeet Shah says:

SkillTwins and dude perfect pleassee

Metriyx says:

Tyler's accent then and now

Shadow says:

this was uploaded on my birthday

Will Bloom says:

That soccer trickshot person is really bad I can do all of his skills

DJ BurnsTV says:

I wonder if STR skill school will do a vid with skilltwins or the F2

Charlie Ruvinsky says:

Cody at 2:34

arpit patel says:

You. Are. Dum

Royalty The Don says:

fuck you mr /ms smith

Angelo Tehan says:

Hi hi I'm Ryan can you come to my house it is in London number 16

Jerome Amenyah says:


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