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Watch more of the action from Everton’s 1-0 win at Spurs, featuring the debuts of Allan, James Rodriguez and Abdoulaye Doucoure and a perfect header by Dominic Calvert-Lewin.

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Gerardo hermenegildo González vargas says:

Ese número 7 si que falla en cada partido

john U.S. says:

Mina taugh him how to hit headers.

ปฐพ จันทะ says:


mustafa manja says:

sy harap everton buat yg terbaik th ni..everton main baik tahun ni

Moeez Awan says:

1:13 that was the most stupid thing I have watched in Premier League Football …like WTF ..how could he miss open goal it was an odd angle but I've seen footballers beat best goalkeepers from that angle and if he was losing control why didn't pass it the other player was open and right in front of goal …Stupid and Selfish ..Someone tell him its a team's sport

Born on 15 me says:

Why James is not getting full time to play?

CabSebas 10 says:

People be like Everton gonna win the premier league. Hell no Tottenham will be ready next time. Our new and improved sonny and Kane will carry.

Scott Wilson says:

James been waiting his whole life to take center stage. Welcome as a Barca fan. 🔥🔥🔥

Bangbang Jaenudin says:

Everton is good

Geo fani says:

Doncarlo top

Mohammad Muksalmina says:

I am milanisti,
Respect Don Carlo..
Good for Everton.

HACHI says:


Sanches Jhonatan says:

Everton is the best.james yess


Me Cambodia

ari hamdar says:

2 special managers trying to make special stories with their club.. 🔥

Anubhav Tyagi says:

2 much selfish plays by Everton left winger and harry kane needs to be calm down

あずねこ says:


Yudi Kuswantoro says:

James stupid

porscheoscar says:

James Rodriguez 40 goal season

Khaled Khcr7 says:

فريق محترم

Adison Kangabam says:

Coz of Everton's keeper

dodo varestaA says:

Everton champions

Ignacio Fontalvo says:

Never forget this day: James Rodriguez had a dream as a child, to play for Real Madrid, and he achieved it, but now he goes in search of glory, "El Dorado", with Everton, and will be proclaimed the best soccer player of the world. And, he will win the golden ball several times. The Prophecy is written.

good bad boy says:

loved seeing son as the face of tottenham in the thumbnail. asian representation

im excited for spurs and everton this season. both have a lot of potential

Francisco rodriguez salmoral says:

video de fútbol

Top Siêu Xe says:

James 19. I like him 😍

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