Football (Soccer) Trick Shots – How Ridiculous

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Whether you call it football, soccer or something else.. we hope you enjoy these trick shots!

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Song: The Smart – Midnight Goodnight (Used with Permission – make sure you check them out!)

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manuel hurtado says:

dude perfect tryhard wannabes how sad

J J says:

You guy's should get together with dude perfect and just crush as many world records as possible and if you do I want to be there too lol

Conor Corrie says:


Doomdoom Tv says:

Yeet day 43

Jordan Teets says:

Geeze haters, don’t you have anything better to do than hate? 44

Nat Thomas says:

Should bring back the ol "Live Selflessly, Give Generously" merch

Alexander Willow says:

Soccer is the best sport in the world.

JD F says:

I don't like soccer but somehow you guys make it look fun.

Makenna C says:

Thank you so much for dedicating one shot to all of the selfless goalies out there. #44Club

Joe Robilotta says:

Love watching all the older ones.

Mad Jennie says:

5 years later, are you still good footballers? (you have no idea how hard it was for me to not call you soccer players)

theZeeJay says:

Add bloopers also 😀

Simon Rossen says:

Bump for Frasier Park

John Jalufka says:

Yall should pop oobleck ballons in various cool ways. With a chain saw, potato cannon, dropping a bowling ball on it, maybe darts? idk yall are creative, you'll come up with some cool shit on this.

Kaycee Carr says:

That goalie throw made my inner goalie so happy

Mitch says:

Players soccer like an AFL player ahhaha

Wezilla says:

Good skills 👍👍

Fang Nightingale says:

What song is in this?

skepticlogician says:

Shut up about the Dude Perfect video, already! How Ridiculous made this video long before DP did theirs!! Check the dates and chill!

Maryam Sahi says:

The new dude perfect

Devon Clark says:

Did anyone else flinch at 3:32

Gabriel C says:

the throw at @1:05 is just ridiculous

Jezzamanu says:

254 shots made

non_stop_ninja says:

I did not understand the first one

non_stop_ninja says:

Sooooooooo close to 1m subs

Jace Regan Gaming says:

Guess what

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