Gary Neville slams Man United midfielders: "Not one of them can pass a football" | Super Sunday

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Gary Neville spoke on Super Sunday after Man United's 3-1 loss to Liverpool, where he stated that 'not one of them can pass a ball', in reference to Manchester United's midfielders. The United legend also said he believes Liverpool are now streets ahead of Manchester United.

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den525 says:

How things have changed after Mourinho left…

john m says:

Neville couldn't pass a ball to save his life and his brother was equally inept.Obviously the irony of commentating on players who are technically more skilled than him escapes him.

King77 says:

Gary is just jealous that English players can never be as good as pogba

Outlaw says:


xmonparx says:

gary and roy face, says it all


Can't pass the ball… that's the problem in the mls here in America. These dudes don't train balance. Could it be SPREADING to the premiere league?

Mannix M. says:

When I listen to Gary Neville I always think of Conor‘s impressions on him😂 they’re so accurate

Mohammed Nahid Rahman says:

0:27 I thought I paused the video lol

J225h says:

Liverpool will bottle it, they always do

Devesh Bhatt says:

I hate Man Utd. But i love Frank Rijkaard as a player and manager. He has been Forgotten by many. No harm putting his name in the mix.

Warren Adshead says:

I’m gutted they sacked the gifted one, he was doing a great job.

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