Gracie Brazilian Jujitsu Moves : Guillotine Choke Jujitsu Technique

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Learn the guillotine choke Brazilian jujitsu technique in this free martial arts video.

Expert: Marc Zee
Bio: Marc Zee is the head trainer at Arizona Center of Mixed Martial Arts. Marc has been involved in MMA since 1993.
Filmmaker: Terry Larson


swite989 says:

Lol I killed my best friend with this. 10/10 would choke a motherfucka again.

joshgates81 says:

the words origin is French and the L is silent.

its GEE – UH – TEEN

its not GILL-O-TEEN

and its not a blood strangle its an air choke.

the blade of your wrist lies against the throat not the carotid artery.

and why would you teach anybody how to break someones neck!??

not a very responsible black belt.

San Onymous says:

Thanks now I can go kill people..

Combaticus Maximus says:

blood choke. badass

Nathan Stillings says:

It can be a blood choke if it is put on tight enough around the sides of the neck. It all depends on where your arm ends up.

Michael` C says:

I think the guillotine is an air choke, not a blood choke.

DanJesson96 says:

watch any UFC fight or actual fight where this choke is used and it works

blaze101xx says:

yeh moved his arm off you, show moves that can be used when some one is actually atacking you

tricepsish says:

@TheCrotchparty sexy

JC4500 says:

@swervmerv1 You might not, but I do. Oh and you spelt Schwarzenegger wrong.

joaquin perez says:

i know why the brazilians made "Jujitsu Moves" so their soccer ball doesn't get stolen dummy!

John Smith says:

@jordanjameswalker I'm simply correcting him, and yes I have felt my arteries cut off by a VARIATION of what he is showing, a guillotine that shuts off the blood, the blood choke version, what he is showing is the wind version, how many times do I have to say this?

John Smith says:

@jordanjameswalker I have always heard it pronounced the correct way even by Jean-Jacques Machado, and of course, as I said, it CAN be a blood choke, but in this video the way he is doing it is a wind choke. And how exactly am I being a wannabe?

aldrick barber says:

@tasneefm In ground fighting in Krav Maga, one attempts a hammer strike, you move to the side and get your opponent in a guillotine. Me and my partner figured out that if he was on my left arm, and I pulled towards me, that put pressure on his artery. Pulling away put the pressure on his spine. But, I've only felt some pressure.

Tasneef Mahammad says:

I've never felt any pressure on my carotid arteries from a guillotine. There is pressure on the wind-pipe definitely which is quite dangerous. If you want to know what a blood choke feels like feel the rear naked choke. I've NEVER felt any significant pressure on my carotid arteries from a guillotine. I'm quite baffled.


I remember this gym

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