Grading Every Lakers Free Agent Signing After Not Getting Kawhi Leonard

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Grading the Los Angeles Lakers Free Agent Signings After Not Getting Kawhi Leonard | 2019 NBA Free Agency. The Lakers signed Avery Bradley, DeMarcus Cousins and Jared Dudley among other to surround around LeBron James. Which was the best signing?

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Pedro Barrientos says:

What about Troy Daniels and Jared Dudley ??

KhmerD0g says:

I like unselfish players such as Alex from the Lakers.

IceBlueBuggsy-JAL says:

Alex caruso should start

Jimmy Hall says:

"When the Lakers make the playoffs"


Kevin Mendoza says:

Danny green gonna be kyle Korver 2.0 unplayable in the playoff . I like Javle but to have another injury prone players isnt good imo .Cook is solid , very weak defender makes him harder to play in the playoff but is good for some buckets while stars rest . Cousins yet again another injury prone . KCP i like nothing special & rondo again another injury prone player. Alex C. the goat 💪🏾

Will Robinson says:

Talen Horton-Tucker is gonna take minutes from KCP.

Sharmayne harrell says:

Dwight Howard is going to be great for else

Clyde Meyer says:

Why does this feel like the Cavs season from a few seasons ago?

Gameboy 1996 says:

Carmelo is better then Dudley.. please use some brain if you got.. Lakers shouldn't sign dudley instead of Carmelo

William Marquis says:

I’ve always loved boogie and it’s just sad that he’s injured again I was insanely sad when he was injured in the playoffs and I’m a Lakers fan

SDAWG says:

Cousins should just retire…If he can lose 30-40 pounds maybe but his time has come and gone

Kyler Schumacher says:

0:23 was that a travel or am i trippin??

rgncal 4 says:

Danny green way over paid

raul ruiz says:

cook and cousins will give the lakers 3pt shootng blueprint……way better than getting ty lue

Reginald Boyd says:

Bro don’t ever disrespect rondo like that again

MrOunce3 says:

This Lakers team as a collection has too many injury prone players and I said this before Cousins got hurt. AD and Rondo always have injuries. A Bradley has miss half of the lastb3 seasons. Also I dont think its a good idea for Lebron to be the full time pg. He is too old and big. He needs to play the post. He will have a career high turnovers and could get injured using more energy. And I think they need another ball handler or 2. AD needs to play center but he dont want to….SMH… And there is no load management in the West!

Vernon Sosa says:

The Lakers moves are horrible

Not Rick Sanchez says:

Anyone here after DeMarcus tore his Acl

daffin BJ says:

Warriors are vsing the Lakers 4x in the preseason like bro it not the playoffs yet

Bahrain Super Tune Up Basketball League says:

kcp is overpayed…caruso is the lakers dark horse…a point guard who can shoot from anywhere in the court and can dish decent passes…

James Paulson says:

Where did all the warriors fans go?

Fah Blizza says:

Is there a backup C in the league right now that's better than McGee?

Lorenzo Quintanilla says:

.damm good report bro my team is the Spurs please don't grade them I'm scared of how terrible grade they get lol

Wasabi Sushi says:

I'm not surprised if Alex Caruso ended up averaged 12ppg-15ppg a game.
Rondo is a misfit in this team not personality wise but his style of game don't really fit with the Lakers.
He's like Lonzo Ball that can shoot a 3 a little. except Lonzo Ball's defense is impressive

Tommy Mason says:

Rondo is cheeks tho😂😂😂

Francisco Amador says:

The Lakers did an incredible job signing these players to Lakers love the signing

BIG- L says:

In a nut shell it's AD/LeBron

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