Greatest Catches in MLB History

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By far the best catches in MLB History, let me know if I missed one and I am sorry if I did.


David Marskell says:

As Willie Mays said after the game, "I had it all the way."

Don Brown says:

what about catch Lonnie smith made where he took one step and pounded his fist into his glove while waiting on it to come down, while we watch on the split screen with howard Cosell broadcasting

Randy Ballmes says:

Leaving out Bo Jackson 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😡🤬

C.A. Carlson says:

Please add Kirby Puckett's catch in game 6 1991 world series. Watch the reply just to see how far he launched.

make sure to watch 0:35 in. RIP Kirby.

Manko Kennewick says:

When I was nine, playing left field in Little league a guy hit one deep I was running for it, overran it by a little and caught it behind my back, the crowd, small crowd, went crazy…one of the best moments of my life…I'm sixty…I still remember it like it was yesterday. Every kid should play little league baseball.

nlingrel says:

Kenny Lofton is missing from this video.

Edward Yamada says:

Gregor Blanco’s spectacular catch saved a perfect game by Matt Cain. Souza wasn’t the only one.".

Big daddy Shark says:

I’m a braves fan but my favorite is early 90s when Otis Nixon climes the wall 2 stepping it to rob a homer to help make the playoffs, but I’m sure I’m bias but it’s my favorite

HpGPredatorAQ says:

2:12 My mouth just dropped D= look how old this looks

deathbyradio says:

Two thirds of the Earth is covered by water, Jim Edmonds covered the other third.

Jose Santiago says:

Jeter’s bullshit throwing himself in the stands catch has no business in this video

david supsie says:

i guess nobody made any great catches on the 70's or 80's

Josemanuel Carmona aybar says:

4:21 😂😂😂

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