Greatest Game-Winners in NFL Playoff History

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Greatest Game-Winners in NFL Playoff History

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Outro Song: Sean Paul- No Lie (BVRNOUT Remix)



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Ledkeegan :LedKeegan says:

What about the comeback

Justin M. says:

@2:05 did Owens get injured??

thisisntme says:

Hey, you forgot about the game winning field goal Robbie Gould kicked in the 2006 Divisional Round against the Seahawks.

fraught says:

Is Seattle’s interception against 49ers here?


I still say santaio Holmes never got 2 feet down

Matthew Bitler says:

where is tom bradys fumble near the end of the super bowl against the eagles

Jimmy - TLOPO says:

Wow I hate the first one

Archer 777 says:

14:56 so there just gonna pretend face masks aren’t a penalty 😂 just sayin

brian versansky says:

The running back for New England clearly had his knee down. A true sign that the referees were in the Patriots pockets

DINOMAN 0000 says:

its funny to me how in the falcons game in the super bowl they just unplugged their controller half way through the game

HBomb Entertainment says:

It's funny because on the very first clip, you can see holding not called

D Laws says:

I swear the Patriots must walk around with horseshoes in their pockets. They always have crazy moments in the clutch.

Johnny Newport says:

Where is D Sproles walk off TD against the Colts?!

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