Greatest moments and Finishes in Motorsports history – PART 1

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Let me know if I made a mistake in this video 😀


Aldo Cuello says:

Search for ledesma and silva in balcarce 2007 Turismo Carretera from argentina

Random 21 says:

Lorenzo vs Marquez Mugello 2016 is the best last lap ever on MotoGP

MDDeGrande1994 says:

Man, I'm really tired af of listening to british accent commentaries in 99% percent of races. For fuck's sake, they're literally in almost EVERY race and EVERY. SINGLE. SERIES I've ever watched. It's really becoming a cliché and it's fucking annoying tbh.

MDDeGrande1994 says:

Why does the guy at 1:23 sound like he has a cigar in his mouth?

Hashi 29 says:

2 wheels racing is epic ..those are real men all is shit

iwe timer says:

America is a disgrace of motorsports. While other country using skills and talents, American only do 2 things, hit the pedal and steer left all the way round.

Eddie Reher says:

Is that Glock!?

Circuits of the past says:

That first one reminds me to Le Mans in the early 90's. Before 1994 it was the normal way to finish the 24 Hours, with the crowd on the track in the last lap. After Imola 1994 rules got stricter and the public was told not to enter the track. The penalty would be a 10.000 French Franc fine and a year in prison.

Lewis Lambert says:

Moto GP is awesome, so is the Isle of Mann

Bradley Wingard says:

what about Indy lights a few years ago, closer than any of these finishes

grizlyjunior says:

Under reaction of the century from MotoGP guys on Lorenzo and Marquez

tp532001 says:

Great clips mate. Like the get well soon Billy whiz coment. Respect

Valpo Desidero Montoya says:

Why did Marc Marquez slow down on the straight? Did he think he already crossed the line? Mechanical failure? Whatever it was he must have been really fucking angry after realizing he lost on the last 10 meters after an epic battle.

Richard Quinn says:

IS THAT CLOOK!!!!!!!!!! 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃

MasoMink says:

4:52 that white car stole everything , lol.

MarkDemand Official says:

''Is that Glock?'….. Single greatest moment in motorsport history. The Formula 1 World Championship decided at the last corner of the last lap of the last race of the season. Absolutely epic!

Tech DEEM says:

Nice video…

jose marques says:

so,for you motorsport history is only from the 2000's up?

TheMightyAntar says:

Good to see Billy Monger drifting an F type Jaguar recently, lets hope he's back racing before too long!

Muhammad Fikri Kawakibi Huda says:

What was the ferrari celebrating in the 2nd scene i dont even see a ferrari passing…

MICHAEL Rudge says:

Anyway .>>>>.Its in the past

MICHAEL Rudge says:

An excessive move which gave Lorenzo the chance to move past

Strike Agario says:


computerliquid says:

get Dell soon billy

Nitesh Srivastava says:

3:50 i have never seen such a massive slide .

Daniel Vitale says:

5:48 Ferrari Is shit

Dgisch says:

1:52 Marquez fucked up with acceleration

N Wopshall says:

The 4 wide indylights finish of the Firestone 100 would be nice to see please

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