Highlights | Arsenal 2-0 Manchester United | Premier League

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See the highlights as the Reds are unlucky to fall to defeat at the Emirates in the Premier League.

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Zorinsanga Zorinsanga says:

United lose 😂😂😂

Cascade L says:

An amazing performance but how we didn't score is beyond me.

Tony Clarke Sr says:

Arsenal had way more opportunities than that well done gunners

Cascade L says:

probably our best performance without a win. So frustrating.

Sukhpreet Bath says:

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer faced his second defeat at the Emirates

Denis Rido Dwi Satria says:

we were great when wenger still in charge

H H says:

In retrospect, although we lost im not actually mad at our performance here ?? Bit more clinical finishing and we would’ve tucked the arsenal in again.

Fərid Sadıgov says:

Gunner ❤❤❤

SAKUNA 2355 says:

Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal

Frank Champion says:

Mourinho spend 60 mil on Fred

Ronaldo Owino says:

Just watching Lukaku missing all those chances makes you wonder why he was worth £75m.

durrani says:

Will this be the results again or will it be worse🤨

Himanshu Giri says:


Yash Kulkarni says:

The fact that lukaku hit the crossbar from there is beyond me!

Dutch van der Linde says:

The thumnail should be a meme

Umid Karimjonov says:


Temitope Adeusi says:

No wonder arsenal concede goals. Theyre never aware of whats around them they just keep watching who is with the ball without been aware of who is around them

Saadia Maalimhyhg says:

Devid degea will not save a single penalty for his team .

Riad El unico says:

Oh! let's admire Leno's saves

Patryk Stolarski says:

This win was as easy as it will be on monday

Bobby’s FN says:

The famous game that started our shocking run…

DoctorHver says:

Please get rid of De Gea.

Luthfa Begum says:

0:32 fred might aswell take a seat in the stands and watch arsenal play
and then look at his pathetic reaction 0:34

Holmies says:

This was the game that I gave up on Lukaku … he through us off form by losing this game

AlanIngoldsby says:

You ll all ways be s%/t


We SHOULD have easily got top 4 after this game

Tom Creasey says:

Why do you edit out all the Arsenal chances apart from the goals. It's like Man Utd propaganda even when they lose 4-0 it makes them look unlucky

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