Highlights | Bournemouth 1-2 Manchester United | Rashford wins it in stoppage time!

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Enjoy all the action from Bournemouth as United come from behind to claim a dramatic late win thanks to goals from Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford!

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Akai Shuichi says:


กีฬา ฟุตบอล TV says:


ZoolCar9 says:

Bournemouth needs to get a Bird's eye view camera, Jesus i hate this view

Ocean World says:

This coming into my recommendation after we lost 1-0 🥴😂

Lintang Permata Jati says:

Miss with this performance:(

2 November 2019

Hareesh Devendran says:

who here after 1-0 loss against Bournemouth

Michael says:

first goal was offside, VAR would never allow it


Come on United we can do it again

Henry Maher says:

Same result about them tomorrow

Brenax Quiny says:

With mourinho it was never game over even when 2-0 down

HS HH says:

1-2 😁😁😁

Solomon James says:

We had so many comebacks that season.

Rohit Pandey says:

I miss jose

Elmelocoton Music says:

Ganan en la premier pero no ganan en la champions

Riyan Khan says:

Well pogba destroyed Bournemouth

Amartya Sen says:

Who's here after Ole's homecoming?!!

R D says:

Sanchez's work is undervalued

Health and fitness james says:

If we play against them when we were under Jose and an away game imagine how we going to play at home under ole

BizzareBraedo VDB says:

Liverpool is better

guandong mai says:

rashford need to work on his one on one skills, he missed a lot of one on one face only the goal keeper.

princeshakaZ says:

Manchester United equals Comeback Kings!

Wan Ameerul Azizi says:

yeah fantastic match and beautiful try from both team. I like this game

Luong Kim says:

Love MU 😘 Im vn

Ben Fry says:

Booooooooooo man u

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