Inside Anfield: Liverpool 5-5 Arsenal | Unseen footage from epic 10-goal thriller

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Go behind-the-scenes from Liverpool’s incredible penalty shootout victory over Arsenal at Anfield in the Carabao Cup.

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Liverpool FC says:

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BbNnHgg Fgdhdgf says:

اي بطوله هذي؟؟؟

Your name says:

VietNam Has So Many Fan Of Liverpool So Please Subtiles In VietNamese , Why Thailand Have It And we Don’t ???

P. Sandra Tangkulung says:

nice to see Bobby was there and supported them what a team

Mr. Skywalker says:

I love how they only filmed Ozil because the rest of the team is trash

Дима Татаринцев says:

Вот за это я люблю Ливерпуль, это мой клуб!!!!!!

mohammed thersalin says:

when liverpool bus arrive i always feel like football moonsters are comming !!!!proud

villa nation says:

Liverpool scored the 1st and last goal of the match and won it 😅lol,

muhammad riski says:

Ada orang Indonesia???

Hard Video says:


Sipo Khali says:

I love this Team und Fans ❤️🙏🏽

jhaa hajijah says:

i am bored, so i see watch this video

Zahra Khosravi says:

This is a wonderful match

Why Hello There says:

What a save in the shootout!

Eros Elisio says:

8:51 hahah what a funny manager

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