Interview with Katarina Johnson Thompson after 800m heptathlon in Beijing

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IAAF World Championships 2015 Beijing

Interview with Katarina Johnson Thompson after 800m in heptathlon


Elhadji Ousmane Sam says:

You will never walk alone♥️

Lando Calrissian says:

Those traps tho damn

Benjamin Boothe says:

Anyone would have given her a hug in that situation. She was devastated, written all over her face. But she's a world champion now so that was a significant lesson she was taught in Beijing.

Morbiddragon29 says:

The passion of the sport. A real athlete.

Simon Dover says:

You go girl.

John Tiffault says:

She was looking for a hug. Glad he was there to give her one.

Rowland says:

Now a world champion come on never give up

BenGunns says:

Well done for giving her a hug.

Subi_fan says:

Really wish to her bringing gold back from Tokio in 2020, awesome girl and great athlete.

Nineth Lion says:

Lucky son of a bitch lmao hugging her would be awesome

K Maan says:

I remember watching it live. really saw the stress in her face. at least she overcame it. hope mt daughter becones as strong as her.

The Ren says:

Duuuude…. I wanna cry. And testosterone is bleeding out my armpits. KJT makes grown ass stonehenge men, soft as cotton.

BiMiHi says:

Lucky old bastard… Well, I was amazed by her in the start too bad that thing with the long jump happened. Now you have a year to really prepare for olympics, good luck and see you in Rio 🙂

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