Katarina Johnson-Thompson – Commonwealth Games 2018

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Katarina Johnson-Thompson wins heptathlon gold at the Commonwealth Games in Australia 2018.


The BoobTube says:

I've always been a big fan of whatever the hell this is for years

Daddy Oh says:

💦 💦 💦

Frosty Jim says:

6:45 lads, you're welcome.

meme man dan says:

We meet again, men of culture

Ali Mad says:

Thumbnail is here 6:43

Jack says:

NICE ASS…I mean…nice….sport

Daddy Maloney says:

That camera man went on his belly carefully .. you know what he had 😂

Milroy Nishantha says:


UFO'S ARE REAL!!! says:

She's pretty but she needs just a LITTLE more Junk in her Trunk.

Ismael Pacheco says:

great athlete!

LES says:

What a babe!

Lucky ducki Mona says:

I thought everyone is equal, I don't see any fat asses here!

Lee Bee says:

Some of those ladies deserve a good pat on the back! 😀

Sigh Phi Guy says:

didnt even look like she tried in the shot put and javelin.

Demerrill Spencer says:

Hello Beautiful woman 💖

timbomuffin says:

She babe tbh and so nice to see a smile job well done 🇬🇧👍

James Mullins says:

Perfection i would have to say

A Black Guy Invented The Lightbulb! says:

6:43 . What I wouldn't give to take a sniff of that at this moment.

David Friend says:

very nice butt , is it the best ? maybe , ass they say, she is the hole package .

musik102 says:

It just shows how much Katarina has improved her hurdling. In the recent world champs she ran a time faster than the winner of this race.

Sameer Singh says:


Don Lee says:

crazy how much quicker she's become this year

Boo Boo says:

Mmmmmmm. She shaves 🙂

Soc MAN says:

KJT can easily go over 7000pts. She needs to work on her SP around 14.50 and JV throws around 55m.

Flower Of Scotland says:

6.46 Quite a view

muuanmies says:

thank I don't have to watch my sports with female commentators

Soc MAN says:

I don’t get it with KJT!! She has speed for the 200m she should be flying over the hurdles !
Also she needs to improve her throwing events they are really weak!
She is easily a 7000 pt Heptathlete !!

NZShareman says:

Y do all these top of their game athletes after a races act like they have never run 10 ft before in their lives huffing and puffing like they do laying on the ground omg ! I thought they were suuposed to be supremely fit lol

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