MLB Greatest Catches In History (HD)

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MLB Greatest Catches In History (HD)
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Armani aka hops 90,s jumpman smith says:

Cool 💪🙏

LasMonta says:

Where is the Jose Altuva one that is the thumbnail?

Top 10 Surat says:

Can I use this video for my reaction video.???

Naseer Mohammad says:

I am international baseball player from Pakistan

Keshavio 219 says:

Someone makes a bare handed catch – cricket players "am i joke to you?"

Bizzling Abhinav Gupta says:

Which are best catches
Like : Best catches of Cricket
Comment : Best catches of Baseball

Sufyan Ali says:

These are just normal catches in cricket life

Justin M. says:

I tried doing one of the catches I saw in this video when I had a softball game…I couldn’t catch it

Weamz says:

The Legendary Brock Holt, ladies and gentlemen.

Nathan The baseball guy says:


Matt says:

So Ken Griffey jr. Didnt make your highlight reel???

An Angry Grape says:

Who else looked up biggest catches for fishing? no, just me.

curestruck says:

1:41 are crop circles alien games fields?

갓서부총잡이 says:

엥?나만 한국인임?

Fireball Flareblitz says:

You gotta love them game-saving catches.

Colin Jones says:

Really?… no Bo Jackson bare handed catch in left?

Adhiyaman Karuppuselvam says:

damn, these are some magnificent catches! I play cricket, and baseball has always intrigued me. These catches were a pleasure to watch!

CrazzyJokerr says:

720p IS NOT HD !!!

WillWrambles says:

Nothing from Kevin Kiermier? Then this list is incomplete.

Tanraj Panesar says:

Base ball is a wimp version of cricket in my opinion because they catch a ball which is softer and with a glove but in cricket you catch it bare hand and it’s a really hard ball

Also American football is a wimp version of rugby because in rugby you don’t were pads but in American football you do

My conclusion is American people are babies

Fortnite Helper says:

Cricket is better

DeanOMiite says:

The Eric Chavez is one of the finest plays I've ever seen.

Theodore Sklar says:

Where is Jeters into the stands catch

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