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Tyler Newman says:

React to some hockey pls

deadshot S says:

😂she needs to stop lying too much about not loving kids.
And she be looking good!!

BrooksHOF TV says:

Too much steph in this video 🙄

Maha Alfadly says:

React to russell westbrook and james harden interview with gq

measy86 johnson says:

Dee: I love kids
All of us subscribers:………………… BOY!!! If you dont!!!
Dee.. we know you.. stop frontin.. lmaoo

Madalyn E says:

hey I just found your channel, and I love your personality it’s so cute lol (not in a bad way.) I was wondering if you would react to Ben Shapiro reacting to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallions “WAP” his reaction was thoroughly amusing and also completely stupid, and I think you reacting to it would be entertaining, anyway that is all.

Sinds93 says:

600K Subs Congratz🎉

Josh Pascual says:

Please react to Holiday MV this Friday 10am BST. Thanks!!!

Jay Clark says:

Hey Dee, pls react to Cooking with kenshin.

Tereza Holkova says:

react to “little mix wishing jesy nelson was born with a zip on her mouth”

Young Kobe says:

Almost 600k💯

BarrikadeJT says:

Dee! React to some sweaty palms compilations!

Jonathan perez says:

Hey Dee if you could react to tgf extreme driving test. Ty ❤️

R3DSCOP3 |Gaming| says:

You should watch pause/ayo moments from joe budden!

Hannah Murphy says:

React to this video of Denzel Dion

23M Subscribers says:

Neymar isn’t just a pretty face … he’s actually good at his craft too.. & I mean insanely talented… top 3 best players in the world, He one of the top 5/10 highest paid athletes in the world, top 10 most followers on IG, world best skillful player in soccer. You should definitely react to him. What you been doing ? 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

Kid Anbv says:

@8:43 ima jus assume homegirl shorts too small cuz her cheeks were H-A-N-G-I-N-G

CreamofTheCrop says:

React to more mma and ufc shit like press conferences and fights and trash talk

Soala Orugbani says:

Check out I accidentally became a meme videos

Sosa says:

You gon need to do solluminati’s new vid lmao

TPG_ JACOB says:

React to Roman reigns return

Tereal Scott says:

React to Berleezy and CoryxKenshin collab

Headie two says:

React to dave-black (live)

Thomas K says:

Giannis is pronounced yawn-is, this dude just said it wrong

Redmochi says:

React to Why K-pop reactions suck pls, your in the vid too:)

KĀMTØØSTÜPID Aka monti says:

I'm not the only one who sees her as a mom🤪

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