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A bad day on the road for the Blues as Carlo Ancelotti’s side went down 2-1 at Newcastle United. Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s 11th goal of the season was too little, too late after Callum Wilson’s double – one a hotly-contested penalty. – had given the hosts the lead at St. James’ Park.

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qopoy dnon says:

Everton back to factory settings 🤣🤣

sehhi vooty says:

There were people that thought everton would win the leaugue there is something called squad depth and you guys lacked it today

Ailsa Ni says:

Sad for Everton. They were so close to getting a trophy this season…

C.G.I santuy says:

Ancelotti cant get everton out of everton

Andre Setiawan says:

Yeay, looser ☺️😎🚬

eioshen boboi says:

Everton down after they killed vvd

TMZ SLMN says:

Kampret lewin nice


Bola bundar, sulit diprediksi gan

joko supriyanto says:

Ternyata Everton belum kuat menduduki tahta premier…

Jonathan Diosa says:

Doesn't look like they did so bad judging by the highlights. Was it atleast a better game than the Liverpool one? Atleast Iwobi got an assist. So many games left.

pablo pineda says:

Se me viene a la cabeza un equipo de fútbol de la capital,su nombre es millonarios FC, siempre empieza bien las primeras fechas y después se viene en picada hasta el final del campeonato ☄️

Bram Aldino says:

Oh everton 👋🏻👋🏻

Dunia gamer says:

Calvert lewin ,????

omega marketing says:

Horrible flat game by Everton. Andre Gomez offered nothing. Whenever Sigurdson plays Everton losses and wins if not started the game. Why k.davies was not playing? He is very fast Ancelotti is loosing his reputation as coach. Everton fans watched this game and last week game might have been very upset with frustrations. Another big mistake loaning Moise Kean who is proving his class at PSG

Ruata Hmar says:

So sad for Everton hope their fans can enjoy 2 consecutive wins again as a Champ

JFortiz 244 says:

No James? Rip

Andy Kurmann says:

that.. is a penalty for pickford lunge at vvd. neverton is going down to where they belong.

Stefan Suta says:

big everton lose wow :)) LIVERPOOL IS LOVE LIVERPOOL IS LIFE

Rudi Irwan says:


Sargeant Barnes says:

Bernard is actually a top winger he needs to start every game Andre Gomes is a fraud never good at all mate sunday league level

Gaming Zone 95 says:

Everton difficulty from legendary to beginner

Riizal Fikri says:

Ganas di awal,melempem di tengah tengah 🤣

Raden Noegroho Djati says:

I don't think NU deserved penalty

Farah Hassan says:

a very bad day should have won no rich or lucas no win

Way Maker says:

as other seasons!

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