NFL 2020 Week 8 recap: AFC North, East races take shape; Titans, Packers upset | NBC Sports

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The Football Night in America crew recaps all the biggest storylines from Week 8, including the Steelers holding on against the Ravens, upsets by the Bengals and Vikings and more. #NBCSports #FNIA #NFL
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Emmy Award winners Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth continue to follow all the action from the booth, along with Michele Tafoya from the field.

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NFL 2020 Week 8 recap: AFC North, East races take shape; Titans, Packers upset | NBC Sports


C T says:

I think 🤔 that they should play more commercials during the game. I am being very sarcastic, WTF 🤬 can we just be able to watch the game with out so many interruptions

Shawn Moody says:

Nice when it's no women. trying to talk football.and never played the game there boring.good job N.B.C😏😏😏😏

Antonio Wooten says:

This Guy Rodney is Very biased

Felix Garcia says:

Who Dey!!!….Who Dey think gon beat dem bengals? Who Dey! Who Dey! NOBODY!!

Sergio De Anda says:

We werent upset the Vikings are the better team

Andrew Stacks says:

Seeing Rodney Harrison choose between MIA or BUFF to win the AFC East was like forcing a man to decide in front of his wife and mom which of their cooking is better.

Галина Ш says:

john mulaney

John Villella says:

A WR named Brown upset when he doesn’t get passes his way? Never heard of her.

Dave Beruh says:

Tony Dungy: They ran for 265 yards but should have run more? or maybe you need to be able to pass regardless of how well you run in today's NFL.

Orion Sierra says:

Seeing Rodney Harrison choose between MIA or BUFF to win the AFC East was like forcing a man to decide in front of his wife and mom which of their cooking is better.

Joe Black says:

Clowny is what you see always been love ppl on tv hype him. If he has a jj watt on the side catching double teams clowny great other ho hum kinda. Watch the tape

John Adams says:

As a Life Long Steelers fan, the Steelers didn't WIN that game, the Ravens lost it. The Steelers had NO Offense in the first half. They capitalized on the Ravens mistakes to win the game.

Orin Mancine says:

Great show, I look forward to it every week!

GM Kid Radja says:

I believe Dungy can fly with those ears

mark wred says:

Covid 19 will not allow a Super Bowl to happen

Jonathan Dee The One And Only says:

The 49ers don’t deserve to make the playoffs this year

Tony Risi says:

The Pasties have 5 losses. Their QB sucks. In fact all their QB’s suck. Just stop. Brady is gone and so is the magic. Shall we analyze Bellichik’s record without Brady?

[Shin] says:

We play each other in another three weeks and if the Steelers win i dont wanna hear Rex Ryan saying ''the better team didnt win today'' cause bottom line Ravens arent better than the Steelers.

Kevin Stucki says:

Ravens lost the game more than PIT won. Funny none of them mention one of the best LT in Stanley going down early along with the starting RG and Judon getting ejected on some bs. 4 turnovers and still had a chance to win. Expect a different game on Thanksgiving.

Brad Ploof says:

Chapel lmfao

Ravor Rants says:

Y’all had time to talk about horse racing nascar and college football but couldn’t fit in a sentence about the Raiders. Typical

Perry Ellis says:

🗣️Here we go Steelers
Here we go👏🏿👏🏾!!!

sean herring says:

Nobodys talkin about Micheal Thomas?? Whats up with that?

Gregory Dunston says:

Lamar just have to trust in his ability. Big games, he clearly presses & that’s not a good thing. It’s been like that since Louisville too

Solomen songs says:

These so called sports people say nothing about Stanley getting hurt and carted off and the other offense person taken out of the game. Lamar had to run more because those two pieces were keys to the Ravens passing game for winning. Another thing was the head to helmet hit in the end zone where as nothing was called. If it were the Ravens I am sure the refs would have called that. Keep on believing the Ravens cannot beat the Steelers Thanksgiving is coming and I assure you it will be a different outcome! Ben is a Hall of Famer and their coach to me can make better decisions than Harbs. The Ravens need a leader like Ray Lewis because John cannot win like Ray did to get to the Super Bowl. Lamar is weak on leadership and the running back comes closer to leading but again he gets hurt and not in the games we lose! I am still not sold on the Steelers we were leading 17-7 until again by the absent of the key pieces missing to protect passing for Lamar were not there and he again gave them a short field to score on. Anyone knows if you give a good team a 14 point advantage on turnovers you are more likely to lose. I know Lamar need to prove he can win against all odds to make it to the Super Bowl John sugar coating him like a friend is not doing him any good! I expect you sports people to at least be fair and tell the truth. I find it also strange that those 2 ref calls that gave the Steeler perfect position to go ahead were questionable to me! It is insane to ask an ex-Steeler player what he thinks "Completely Clueless similar to the reps calls toward the end!

Joesph Rendon says:

Just like week8 every yr..crazy week8..all my picks went south..thats the NFL for u..u never know

ExpertIvy says:

bengals have 5 winnable games out of those 5 i say we lose 1 of them(dolphins) and we end the season 6-9-1 if we dont lose to the dolphins which is very possible 7-8-1 if our defense didnt allow last minute tds we could have ended the season 12-4 but in the next 2 seasons the bengals will be a formidable team

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