NFL Best/Funniest Referee Moments

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Terrence b says:

Detroit is not even allowed home field advantage!

E Rodrigurz says:

Stretching our balls.

TheSmithersy says:


Offence on the white guy?

gamer g0d says:

Yes the 20 yard penalty roughing the face mask

Daniel Skrivan says:

Why did the crowd have to be quiet?

Carrie Haley says:

At 0:55 i cried

Lil Cheezebag says:

"and he's a lawyer"

dantheman470 says:

4:18 “On the white guy” 😂😂😂

Zoomer30 says:

"We need to get quiet so we can get a play in"
Yeah, that should work 🙄
It's why it's called freaking Home Field Advantage.

Zoomer30 says:

You just know there is a race horse named "Giving Him The Business"

Hyper X says:

Literally the same guy every time he has some balls

MarqJagger582 says:

"Pass Interference… On the white guy…". What the flying fuck is this supposed to mean?

Felipe Cruz says:

Am I the only one who appreciates Ed Hochili’s so called “over-explanations?”

Off-road Outlaws & Car Parking Multiplayer says:

“On the white guy” 😂💀

zickman84 says:

Any quarterback who invokes the quieting crowd rule is a big pansy

John Dough says:

FYI: Your Outro song, sucks!

Matthew andrews says:

I still hate refs

Potixz says:

Crowd shut up or your team will lose a timeout

blank says:

SCREW Neil O Donnell!!
random steeler fan…

Sean K says:

Who is that ripped ref who was there a bunch

Charles Sandomenico says:

Giving him the business 😂🏈

ɸธp ツƒrคğ๓є says:

Lmfao @ 2:10

tstryker03 says:

Elway used to cry when they played in Kansas city because the crowd was so loud.

Mang Crow says:

4:22 joe lol.

Marco Ocampo says:

That last one was stupid asf

Marginis says:

Truly an underappreciated job.

darrenmuse says:

"False start…everybody but the center." HAHAHAHA! I'm dying!

patrickthefox says:

3:33 my reaction to that call

Flying Eagle TV says:

And now Carl Cheffers is very solid

Benjamin Luka says:

0:41 is this guy drunk or he doesn't know how the plays work?

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