Notre Dame vs. Virginia Tech Football Highlights (2018)

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Notre Dame vs. Virginia Tech: The No. 24 Hokies got 309 yards passing from quarterback Ryan Willis, but it wasn’t enough to hold off a potent Fighting Irish offense in a 45-23 loss Saturday night. Virginia Tech wide receiver Damon Hazelton caught 12 passes for 131 yards and a touchdown in defeat. Notre Dame running back Dexter Williams rushed for 178 yards and 3 touchdowns in the win for the No. 6 Irish.


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0:07 I’m in the Top Left Corner. The video is on my page.

Adam webb says:

NCAA has been slowly trying to give the Irish a chance for years. I remember those glory days for the school. They’re back now

JevaughnSmith2020 says:

☘🍀☘🍀☘🍀☘🍀☘🍀☘Beat Hokies!!!!!!🦃🦃🦃

Connors Gaming says:

Why are we not 4 Clemson has a easy schedule

Interesting Intercepts - Past, Present, and Future says:

Already here to watch the highlights! GO IRISH! ☘️

DR Groce says:

Both teams played really good.

Bruce Bruce says:

Just need to tighten up the defense & more down field passes. Good job IRISH ☘️.

Franklin King says:

Pitt annual upset scheduled for next week lol!! H2P!!!!

Viking Mayor says:

Like I swear ND are delusional, if they faced Miami right now it would just be a repeat.

stevemtc1 says:

National Championship Notre Dame vs Alabama
Who wins?

Pierre Comtois says:

This is why college football is so much more exciting than the moribund NFL!

Kolin Martz says:

Ngl. Our kicker carried us on this game. 😂😂

Shindler39 says:

What an atmosphere in Blacksburg, it was awesome to see all those beautiful young Southern women dancing at the beginning of the game. It was 30 years ago in 1988 when Notre Dame won their last National Title. Here Come The Irish. Rudy Rudy Rudy.

M Williams says:

Typical Chokies… all bark, no bite.
Oh, and ODU still hasn't won a game besides VT.

Odd Llama says:

VT defense was good in the first half and the whole team brought good energy but Notre Dame didnt fall under the pressure and proved they were the better team. ND owned the second half by far. Go Irish !!!!!

Remi2k - says:

My cousins 83 on tech

Andrew Seibel says:

Good win ND, a young tech team showed they can hang when playing well. Hope y’all make the playoffs and looking forward to seeing the game next year in south bend

CrazyBearsFan says:

Exit sandman

X Intimidator X says:

6-0 babyyyyy!!!

Jordan Wildcat05 says:

What a game for the Irish ☘️

C C says:

Virginia Tech just can't hang with the big boys. The Hokies need to take those skirts off and start being real men!

Tre T says:

It's because Virginia Tech kept making mistakes on offense and defense. Can't keep kicking field goals, turning the ball over, and making bad angels when it comes to making tackles. Oh, stupid penalties.

Dashan Tyler says:

Midway through the 4th…I seen the SANDMAN looking for the exit

AG says:

At least we lost to a good team

Rob Jontay says:

Great highlight package! Does anyone else see more and more displays of disrespect from players to each other and to the fans in college football lately? The Shushing motion, the kid getting up and wanting to fight the vt kid. I dont need to post names. But I can take the Pros doing it. I can't watch when collegiate players show BAD sportsmanship. Suspend your players Coaches. Big Name schools have more Class than that. They owe it to those who played before them because they are watching and still rooting for their alma mater.

Jake Wilson says:

Virginia tech should have won!!!

TeenyMates Sports center says:

I’m a Pitt fan. So I obviously wanted the Hokies to win

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