Playoff Picture: SF, NO, SEA separating from pack | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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Mike Florio and Chris Simms examine the NFC playoff picture after Week 12 as the 49ers, Saints and Seahawks look to be separating themselves from the rest of the pack. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #SanFrancisco49ers #NewOrleansSaints #SeattleSeahawks
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Playoff Picture: SF, NO, SEA separating from pack | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


Tommy Dashed says:

Aaron Rodgers is overrated. He has been and is a great QB but saying he's better than TB12 after all that Brady has accomplished is just dumb. The Pats have won 6 SBs with Brady and he has played like a complete stud in almost all of those post season runs. Do you really think they would have more than 6 with Rodgers? When Brady has had weapons he has broken records and when he hasn't had weapons he still puts up numbers. When he didn't have a top 10 defense, he still won games. What more does the man have to do? I don't even want to like Brady as a Seahawks fan but it's hard to dispute what he has done and claiming that Rodgers would have won more SBs than him is super disrespectful.

Jay Don says:

Ravens and patriots are so lucky they don’t gotta play the guys in the nfc in the playoffs

Mondau Family says:

the seahawks are the best team in the NFC west by far

Darth Maul says:

Yep everyone 10 years ago laughed at me for liking the seahawks look at us now and take notes

murph13695 says:

Goff a top qb. Lmao

Brandon Maruszczak says:

Let’s go Seahawks and Russell Wilson needs a another super bowl and I really hope he gets one this year let’s go hawks

Chicago Skater says:


hoodoo2001 says:

I am sick to death of the myth that Dallas is this underachieving bunch of talent. They don't have that much talent. They have a lot of superficial players who look good but only thrive when the pressure is off. They have no depth. Dallas is a special kind of dog and pony show that JJ has set up to generate tons of money and winning a Superbowl is not on his list….JJ has been there and done. that. Dallas is the most successful franchise in Football and JJ has the formula….but Dallas is a team built to live in the middle but look classy doing it.

Emerson S says:

Sux that west coast teams always have the early games in playoffs

Kenny Domino says:

Aaron Rodgers ain't that good

Mark Miranda says:

Whoever wins NFC is going to win the SB. NFC is loaded.

Anthony Conino says:

Saints vs Ravens in the super bowl. Everybody else just pretenders.

Shane Pahman says:

if Thomas has 30 touchdowns… I might finally win on DraftKings tonight

Fingers crossed.

TheWalrusIsRagu Goo Goo g'marinara says:

Out here acting like Minnesota hasn't been playing as good. They might have a lingering question marl. But since week 5. They've been as flawless as they come.

PlutoVR says:

Seattle’s d finally playing

ee mobile says:

No the Patriots win cos of Brady so it's the other way around if Rodgers was a Patriots they wouldn't of won that many

colonforsecs says:

SF isn't going to the playoffs, the Seahawks will put them in their place.

Garret Snyder says:

When we replace the worst RT in the league, GERMAIN IFEDI… Wilson might actually not have to scramble for his life every pass play

Garret Snyder says:

Jared Goff is TRASH. Rams are already done only after 2 seasons hahahaha

carter maize says:

Jared Goff on the list of top QB? Yeah no thanks.

SubscribeToPewDiePie & UnSubscribeFromT-Series says:

Rodgers would have been kicked out of NE. Can't handle Bills coaching. Very few can. He would have 0 rings

Kyle Wardlow says:

Packers defense played good for the first half but the offence played like garbage

Berglerfa says:

As a Vikings fan I am very scared for Monday

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