Premier League Classic | Manchester United 7-1 West Ham | 1999/00

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Paul Scholes inspires rout of Hammers as Manchester United demolish Harry Redknapp’s side 7-1 at Old Trafford.

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Ah Rin says:

That referee is a through and through United lad

Alan Higgins says:

First united game I went to 🙂

Sam Barnes says:

Who remembers all:sports lol

Green and White says:

“He’ll go down the middle, I’ll just stand still and save it….”

Bradley Kandhai says:

That substitution was mouth watering….the world seemed a better place then….the vibe was different from the fans.

Samuel Kirkwood says:

I'm just going to stop it after 38 seconds

Komie Mark says:

I love the way mu played during this match. What a performance it was. I watch it several times.

John Rees says:

Its Villa enough said…

Callum McInnes says:

Back when we had real footballers and not Instagram wannabes.

Andrew A. Garshong says:

I'll always remember Scholes

Andrew A. Garshong says:

ginger is always dangerous just outside the box 1-1

Fritzzy Letsoin says:

Ole the super subs

Mr Todd the Fox says:

One of the few home games I managed to see, was a hell of a game!

emal255 says:

United should be grateful they now have the new prospect lingardinho!

Hsiao Fhong Tan says:

2:51 Paul Scholes at his very best, and his best is awesome

Sheik says:

3:24 the keeper would have had to be taken to hospital if he saved that.

Александр Федоров says:

Вот это была команда 👍👍👍

Andy Tee says:

This is the epitome of everything that made united great back then. Scholes from outside the box, Beckham assist Cole header, ridiculous Scoles skill, Beckham wonder free kick, Solskjar super sub goal. It had it all.

south paw says:

Solaksjaer is so underrated

Pca Good Souls says:

Cole and Yorke – martial & Rashy , Scholes-bruno , beckham-Sancho(if the deal happens) , Keane – idk maybe pogs 😂.. just for fun

Rheen tho says:

Superb scholes

Harri Reade says:

beckham was unplayable this day

Alex Yap says:

When United Defender given the penalty and not a striker counting as goal tally

二階堂永一 says:

444Hz sound that kills cancer and virus.


Baby faced assassin at he’s subs best

Declan Meurs says:

Do you think Craig Forrest was dropped after this one?

tobias linneberg says:

3:25 yes great pen, but goal keeper… You're not allowed to stay 2 meters in front of the goal line……

geoff edwards says:

No fluorescent pink boots in them days.

geoff edwards says:

Arrys wowlly powlly awll wowned!!!Awlwight!!

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