[REVIEW] Nerf Dude Perfect Signature Bow Unboxing, Review, & Firing Demo

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Available on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2xyIGL6

Video review of the Nerf Dude Perfect Signature Bow!
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Qaze says:

Most badass mom I've seen.

SSPlayzMC says:

When you're an archer and a nerfer and you see this…

PlumRex Supreme says:

Coop: I’m 6’4
Me: -_- I’m 4’6

Sam_ Universe says:

7:57 I never thought I'd hear someone say those words wow

Sam_ Universe says:

waddup dudebros dis is a DUdeBOw

Voltage Squad says:

The colors are badass but I wish the white parts on the bow were lime green.

Hunter Call Of The Wild Gaming says:

It is called fletching btw

D4RK-Th3 B0T B0t says:

I wanted this when it came out, but when I saw the price I said, NOPE

jAsian Momoa says:

I actually want this haha

Flame Pain says:

The whistle sounds like a dog whimpering

Hellen Keller says:

430 dart challenge

Tycoon Druce says:

I like this bow too. But I prefer stratobow that even faster than this bow

JMS mzo says:

Slimecicle`s brother?

SupernaturaL860 says:

Why does he keep saying it’s a blaster? It’s a bow n arrow 😂

Saarthak gamer says:

Dude this bow is so perfect

4- EAST Entertainments says:

Now I can make nut-shots with this thing😂😂

Diana Swanger says:

actually the hoyt invicta has a shoot through riser

breakfast says:

for someone in the sport of archery, everything about that thing hurts

AcE HaYwire says:

Tacti-cool Mom Not Included

佐藤永顕 says:

0:56~ That “lopsided wheel/gear” is called a “cam”.

Hayden-3 Hunter says:

wish-ender noises intensify

Lucas Sherwood says:

I've never liked dude perfect

Ren Obsidanz says:

You have to get your arrows refeathered on a real bow once and a while.

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