Russian slapping championship in Peru!

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Russia’s slapping contest that went viral made its way to Peru!

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RT Sport says:

Which slap was your favorite?

darrc face says:

does anyone know of any Face-slap competition going on in the USA?

Alex Moore says:

Obviously you don’t have weight classes

shazzam uk says:

$300? This isn't Sparta!

Mohd Ibrahim says:

00:32 he slapped the soul out of him

badhabit says:

Human Evolution… Gotta love it.

Vanraj vannu006 says:

great sport

YuranDeveloper says:

When the Russians did it people were like "oh look the russians are so crazy… Brave… Mother Russia this mother Russia that" now that these dudes are doing it people call them dumb. Fucking hypocrisy

Shukria O says:


Trumpet Friday says:

Why not give it a subtle name and call it the FIVE FINGER CHALLENGE, FFC

ShizNick says:

Winner walks away with a huge winning of $300 AND!……….. CTE 🤦🏼‍♂️ Fuck I hate when pour people are used like this just for laughs at the expense of their health.

Мекийс says:

Everyone thinks there bad until Vasily Kamotsky walks in.

m AL-ESSA says:

I would pay 400$ not 300$ to slap them sounds better then spending money on shit at least I’ll slap people 🤣

Black Smith says:

Finally a sport I can be great at 🖐😆

Salam Ahmed says:

How stupid could you!

Iman Deen says:

What did the 5 fingers say to the face?

Caconisha says:

Jajajja que grande Perú.

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