Saints vs. Vikings Week 8 Highlights | NFL 2018

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The New Orleans Saints take on the Minnesota Vikings during Week 8 of the 2018 NFL season.

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Fortnite All night says:


Durrell Kitchen says:

Saints def. Vikings 30-20!!! 🏈

Geaux Saints!!!!

Week 8

Courtesy of Sunday Night Football
(WDSU 6)

Kamyrien Gillies says:

This was best bday gift for my mom we got revenge against Minnesota that was work out for us ty NFL 😊😊☺ you made my mom awesome b-day gift ever

Joseph Tatum says:

@ 0:54 Diggs want all the smoke lol

Khalil Melton says:

Saints are not playing around this year

Anxiety Furry says:

lets go saints

jaden hammock says:

Saints are so good

Corey Ballet says:

To all my New Orleans Saints fans don't forget the Pro Bowl vote. as many times as you can

Kirell Landry says:

Saints bout to take this dub against the Eagles Sunday #WHodatnation 🤫⚜️

Josh Morrison says:

Look at the Saints fans, acting like we didn't beat ourselves. A win is a win, enjoy it. But I have no doubts that Vikings should win in a potential playoff game. This game was ugly and it had nothing to do with the Saints "beating" us. -__-

sonny. 999 says:

Im a VIking Fan And i miss Keenam. He didn't turn the ball over like mr. 184 Million. What a f'n joke.!!! If any yall Viking fans really think that mr. 184 is gonna lead this team to a successful season…yall r straight buggan jack. And its a damn shame bc there is plenty of talent on the offense . some on Defense. None of those LB's they constantly get beat. And i wish the coach would STOP being their friends and START being a stern coach. I just dont c it. Oh and i hate to say it, but da Bears r gonna smash the Vikings Sunday night. And then Vikings will squeak by G.B. Truth is Truth. Dig It???

Thelisha Mayfield says:

GO SAINTS 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Drew Bravo says:

I actually don't know who I feel more sorry for, Dez Bryant or John Gruden. I was kinda hoping both would have SOME success. So much for that!!

Craig Fletcher says:

Very satisfying win 🙂

Sasuke1st says:

Saints got the W on a hurt Vikings D "your so good " 😏👌

mnvism says:

Saints team is good but Saint's fans are massive ass breathers so it makes their team look bad. that's too bad. #stayhumble

Cold-Iced-Coffee 1 says:

6-1 guys. Is this the year? Like if u think so!

marky mark says:

haha that interception at 6:49 was as bad as Derek Carr

Stukaman says:

These self-absorbed idiots come up with the lamest celebrations in the end zone.  You know they have to sit around and dream them up and then practice them.  I think it was a Steelers' head coach who said when you score a TD, act as if it's a normal routine – that you expect to execute the plays.  Today, these jerks celebrate as if they never thought they'd make it that far.  Grow up, dudes.

Matt Pine II says:

3:07 Al Michael's reaction to that missed XP

Jake Reformina says:

I am just glad that Everson Griffen is back 😀

Mr Banatero says:

This is the year the Vikings should put immense efforts to make it to the biggest game of the year.

John Justesen says:

Turned it off – goodbye NFL

Travis Rehder says:

Defense was too hurt 😰😰😰😰😰😰🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕

Giggles Chuckles says:

At least it wasnt a freak play for NFC championship. That would've been a dagger through the heart. Vikings you still get another chance.

Giggles Chuckles says:

120 yards passing by breese? That's it? Vikings you should've had that game, you were obviously the better team.

Veronica Moody says:

I literally can't stand Vikings Fans Everytime we go up against them and beat them they always pull out these sad pityful excuses like we cheated or they did this or that shut up you lost cause your team is ass okay and you lost in your owne dome so now what your excuse

intalek305 says:

And to think the Saints backup QB was once our starting QB, and we let him walk cause we didn't want to pay him.

From what I remember he ALWAYS looked better than the guy we just made highest paid QB in the league.

Good job that.

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