Slaven Bilic explains Dimitri Payet's departure from West Ham | Premier League Tonight

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Slaven Bilic reveals the inner details of Dimitri Payet’s departure from West Ham, and how transfers happened at the club while he was there.

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Life is a Game of knowing your role says:

I could take Payet over Griezmann
To this day tbh his more magic even if his less work rate it's fine, his magic is enough.

Dennis Johnson says:

Payet is a Marseille legend….scholes is just being arrogant…premier league doesn't have any monopoly on football…payet is an artist and he proves it every season

Paul Grennan says:

Why did he sign with Marseille if he wanted champions league football.

Mw says:

Nobody before West Ham. Nobody after West Ham.

Oli says:

" Yeah Yeah Yeah "

sdfsd1 asada says:

British bias present. It's not like Payet hasn't done anything since he left West Ham. Marseille is also a bigger club than West Ham and it's home for him, so not that weird

Rex Longfellow says:

Would love to see this guy as a pundit after his management career!

Tom Lohmus says:

love Slaven Bilic at the baggies

Cisla Trans says:

Kad stavite masku onda obavezno u guzicu turite i klip kukuruza kuvanog ili pecenog i nema sanse da obolite od korone a i izlecicete hemoroide Krizni stab

k trainer says:

Nice bit of 💩 to appease people. Well done Slav. Well done Scholsey and Macca for guttering it along.

raycorey says:

I see a lot of people asking “What has he done since” etc… Well he is doing well at Marseille. I know some don’t watch any other league apart from the EPL, but since he left he has done wonders back in his home country.

The One Above All says:

He is back in the premier league 😎

JK Rai says:

He was too big for West Ham. It was one of the best spells in West Hams history since the epl started. I enjoyed watching them play when he was there. His career has nose dived since he left.

Abdul Basit says:

This guy looks and talks like a mob boss.

MeoW BauH says:

Im 100% sure he'll be better than Ole

Shussey 1 says:

Mcmanaman: yeyeyeyeye

Ram Narayanan says:

Lol he said 1. And then 3. 😂

Imounie Gunter says:

Payet was stupid could have stay and become a world class for westham

Atsiz The Iron says:

Westham made Payet no one knew who he was until West Ham signed him

Steven says:

Well put together panel

Jackjude says:

I unlike Bilic don't really understand him – wanting a bigger stage – Payet went back to ligue 1 with Marseilles. Seems more a case of homesickness.

Alan NG says:

A good manager is responsible to keep their top player! Payet goes bilic goes

Big fish Ke says:

I saw what he posted about Neymar after PSG got 5 red cards and now I understand why he had to leave Westham….he is talented but pretty much childish 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

doucey1992 says:


sluga Kristov says:

Biliću kraljuuuu

Saransh Sharma says:

Dimitri Payet took Premier League by storm, he was a standout performer in the league at that time.

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