Smartest Plays in NFL History (HD)

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—Smartest Plays in NFL History (HD)
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Deven Raval says:

Great video



Daniel Dixon says:

Sherman looked slow AF

Madden God says:

this isnt the type of "smart plays" i wanna see. i wanna see more plays with teams and players using the rules to their advantage and being smart.

wawa Elias says:

A “ Philly special “ I’ll take 5 with extra cheese 🧀

Elvira mundo says:

Seahawks r the best👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

K Wright says:

Explain 1:58

YoSlim says:

Denver is just luck

tenchi thao says:

How could the punter on the Seahawks been faked by the rams receiving unit? Wasn't he the one who kicked the ball?

AbelMadeIt says:

2 of them were just the Ravens punter taking a safety to run out the clock

Power_ froes says:

1:50 was not eagles it was pats plan

Austin Lau (629AusLau) says:

Still waiting for that Tom Brady WR card

Derek Johansen or something says:

1:21 so you're telling me, the game can't end on a defensive penalty…but the offense can commit whatever the fuck penalties they want to at the end of the game to benefit themselves and the game can end without the defense getting redemption for those penalties??? That is the most one-sided/fucked up bullshit rule in the history of the NFL

Michael Stuart says:

Dude, fix the volume. First, it's too quiet, so I turn up the volume, that it's too loud, so I adjust again, then it's too quiet, so I fix it again, then it's too loud. I stopped watching partway because of that. If you can't do anything about the volume, then put all the loud one's together, then all the quiet one's together, so I don't have to keep adjusting.

dokerjams says:

The Philly special one Josh McDaniels smartest plays


Notice how the video is exactly 10 minutes :-/

Nathan Nguyen says:

Trick plays don’t really count as smart plays

Dryden Lindenberg says:

I am salty because the lions did the Philly special before they even did it

Beef Boss says:

2:443:02 the New England special

Lil_Ghost 32 says:

Nick Foles sounding like Batman lol

Kdoge says:

The first one is why you stay in your lanes

AFL News, Highlights, & Personalities says:

Philly special!

cash kasino says:

he deadass stretched his vid to 10 mins

Dewayne Whitaker says:

Sherman slow as hell I could have ran him down lmao

Matthew Burridge says:

The Music City Forward Lateral wasn't a smart play.

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