(Some of the) Worst Sports Team Names

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The world ran out of threatening names for sports teams long ago, didn’t they? Here are the failures. Don’t take if any of these teams is your favorite, just come to terms with their poor naming choices.


Typical American says:

Sox as in workers can you be that dumb

Nathan Emerson says:

you didnt point out the team names that are actually bad

bluejaysgirl3 go Blue jays! says:

You don't know a Pacer? Pacer is a car in 1960s to 1970s!!! you are so stupid!! >:(

Herald Yoman says:

That made no sense, please explain better names for the teams instead of just bashing them.

noneofyourbusines157 says:

The only ill comment on is about the ducks hockey loosing Disney ownership dropping the name from mighty ducks to ducks and it gets stupider the 1st season they were known as simply just the ducks they win the Stanley cup they failed in 2003 as the mighty ducks even tho they went

Ryan Wow says:

My favorite teams were not on the countdown lol

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