Swansea 0-4 Manchester United | Premier League Highlights (17/18) | Manchester United

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It’s back to back 4-0 wins for the Reds as Eric Bailly scores his first goal for the Reds at the Liberty Stadium!

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Mlu Michael Mbambo says:

Knowing Martials story you can see him feeling sad about not having the No. 9. 0:58

Aulia Fajar says:

Its blunder to swap Mikhi with that thing

Brian Siallagan says:

When bailly and jones were considered as a "duo"

AdmiralOddSock says:

that kit was one of our best kits in the adidas era..

Abdulrehman Majid says:

Ahh 4-0 fc 😔

J L says:

Prime pogba

Kamarul Ariffin says:

Jose Mourinho the right one

Tabib Ivtesam says:

Jose poot tactics cost us the title

Juvangel TV says:

Was this coached by Mourinho?

Ben Peyton says:

This was actually a great season we finished on 81 points, in 15/16 Leicester won the league on 81 points

Adox 28 says:

Back when we were 4-0 fc

Vanlalrema Ralte says:

After watching this match i thought we will gonna win the league again but at the end of the season 😔😔

Dedi Pranoto says:

pkok e mantap bos @MANU

Dedi Pranoto says:

pkok e mantap bos @MANU

CoCoMeLoon Co says:

Best team MU 👍🏻

HEAVYDAYaa says:

Miss u rukaku

Ca 1 says:

People don’t realise we acc played well that year and beat every single team in the league with 20+ wins but everyone expected more but Man City were too strong that year with the points that we get we could have got the title under normal circumstances

Mufcpog says:

Back when this  club was looking promising…

albi erlangga says:

I miss Lukaku, I miss Jose Mourinho, I miss this Manchester United.

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