The 10 BIGGEST Chokes Of The Past 10 Years

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Here are the biggest worst chokers in sports history.

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There have been plenty of unforgettable sports moments throughout the past decade. Dynasties have been created, championship droughts have ended…And oh, a ridiculous amount of leads have been infamously choked away.

Before we get to our list of the 10 biggest choke jobs of the past 10 years, let’s dive into a couple of dishonorable mentions:

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Host: Editor: Justin Fraction
Writer: Alex Hoegler

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Franks World Of Nintendo And sometimes sports says:

Every game in the thumbnail was a falcons mistake

WRLD Net* says:

Shoutout Justin for keeping it buttery after all these years

Javy Antonio says:

Atlanta Braves?😂

Kenny Stowe says:

Here a old one. In 1993 playoff Oilers 35 -Bills 3 finals score Bills 41-Oilers38 in OT. Backup QB Frank Reich leads to the win

ThatRedHairedDude says:

How did the Seahawks blow that Super Bowl? It was one poor call

maxkeif4420 says:

Honestly I thought this was just gonna be 9 clips of the falcons and one clip of the patriots losing SB XLII

Brendan Major says:

It’s not shocking that the Falcons are #1

CarterplayzRoblox Official says:

I like the guy who guy who does power ranking better

Shreks Toes says:

Video name: Top 10 Combacks in the last 10 years. What it should be: The Atlanta Falcons

Jantoniorh says:

The robot man voice is back

SNSRoblox says:

I love how the Falcons blow so many leads

Joe Wilson says:

Also known as the Falcons highlights

Ivan Martinez says:

If you’re a falcons fan

Why did you even click on this video?!

SANTIAGO RUIZ (Student) says:

I can't watch this guy's videos his voice puts me to sleep

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