The Beauty of Hockey: The Greatest Game on the Planet (HD)

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Sort of a remake of my video "Hockey: The Greatest Game on The Planet", which was taken down. Some of the nicest saves, amazing goals dekes and dangles, the best snipes and passes, a few of the top shot blocks, and the two most heroic goals from the past few seasons.

* Los Angeles Kings Win The 2014 Stanley Cup - Alec Martinez Double Overtime Goal Martinez wins the Stanley Cup for Kings in 2OT 2013 Chicago Blackhawks - Two Goals In 17 Seconds To Win The Stanley Cup Blackhawks strike twice in 17 seconds 6/24/13 Last 2 Minutes Of Game. Game #6 SCF. Chicago 3 Boston 2. Chicago Wins The Stanley Cup. 6/24/13 dave bolland brian bickell goal stanley cup finals Tom Wilson Hit on Brayden Schenn (12/17/13) Tom Wilson Hit/Charging on Brayden Schenn. Philadelphia Flyers vs Washington Capitals. NHL Hockey (12/17/13) 14 Minutes of Pissed Off Goalies Lundqvist makes a twirling blocker save New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist makes an acrobatic blocker save as he knocks out a puck headed for the net to keep the Canadiens off the board. Granlund dives to score OT winner in mid-air Top 10 - Hockey Coaches Gone Wild Top 10 - NHL Goalie Saves Top 10 NHL Non-Goalie Saves (HD) Top 10 Unlikely Hockey Moments Of All-Time


Alex Roy says:

😂😂😂 the title is jokes ! Football 🏈 alllllllll day baby 🏈

ArtistAnthony9 says:

Ooo! Those glove grabs got me interested even more.

YoniTheGr8est says:

Need a new version for this

Dylan Leigh says:

I love how this is just a video of Crawford getting scored on lmao

TopTens Everything says:

The only game where u can beat the shit out of someone but still go to the bar afterwards.

Felix Zinsmeister says:

The best hockey Video on this planet

Knut Karlsson says:


Tom Koosees says:

Anyone else watch this sometimes in 2019?

Bien Fernandez says:

New to hockey here wanted to give it a shot because the fans of this sport are quite passionate came to check it out for myself to see if i'd like it so far i like what im seeing

TopTens Everything says:

U know this guy just doesn’t like the Chicago Blackhawks

Name Surname says:

Great video. Just one remark. Why did you only include NHL. Other countries also play hockey. No international matches either.

10.000 subs with 0 minecraft Let’s Play’s says:


Liam Middleton says:

Dont take fighting out of hockey

patrick miller says:

Thank God I live in a place where I have access to ice rinks and thank you mom for taking me to go out on the ice for the first time when I was little after begging because I watched The Mighty Ducks and thought, "I have to do that".

Die Romance says:

Stupid sport ever

ColdSynergy says:

This makes me cry! I love this game beyond words it has helped though very bad part's of my live. The reason I cry is because I will most likely not be able to fully play the game again, because I suffered a traumatic brain injury or TBI. I wish I will be able to play this beautiful game again! Too all the people who keep this game alive and keeps that fire in your soul never forget the game.

Andrey Henrique says:

Alguns brasileiro que gosta de hockey?

PaperThing YNotT says:

Yea clearly

What about football ?

Dexter Oxnard and Boss says:

Hockey is more entertaining than other sports, Basketball comes close, Football is annoying, America runs on Football for some odd reason, but it should be hockey.

Filip S says:

Greatest game is Chess but sport…

Billy Bob Mirango says:

What is missing is the humble character and unmatched professionalism of these world class athletes, the reverence and history for the oldest and most storied cup in all of sport, and sacrifice most have to make to be 1 in 4000000 who make it in the NHL and have a meaningful career.

bbruin91 says:

Missing is he Beauty of SPORTSMANSHIP. Tradition of shaking opponent's hands at end of series is unique and inspiring

carter mcdonalds says:

amazing video

Hockey Beast says:

Hockey=Life PERIOD

Mister ToastyRyeGuy says:

I got literal chills watching this, hockey is so intense and amazing

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