The Most Dramatic Finishes In Motorsport (Part 3)

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**NEWS**: Part 4 is out now!!
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John Hopkins vs. Tommy Hill. Was it the greatest last lap in the history of motor racing?

This is Part 3 of the best, most dramatic, most unexpected and the most controversial finishes in Motorsport allover the world.

If you have any suggestions for great finishes in Motorsport that you think I should include to one of my further parts, please put them in the comment section and let me know!

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Maxi F says:

Oh yes i'm on your side

lavoro casa says:

Only Zanardi and Valentino Rossi

ycaripsnoCrednaS says:

WSBK Assen 2007
Troy Bayliss vs. James Toseland

WDJS22 says:

First one should have been penalised as he gained an advantage by cutting that corner

Drizzle says:

That indy car overtake would have been a 10 second time penalty.

full armor says:

nothing dramatic

Hayden Spencer says:

1:00 So…… You're allowed to just completely disregard the chicane to overtake?

francesco marchesi says:

u must add the last motogp marquez passed at the last corner by rins very smart move, anyway wfull job! ty

Peter Petruzzi says:

Just surviving a superbike race is worthy of a standing ovation

PowerOf One says:

Thumbs up if you just hate 'THE CAR NEXT DOOR' adverts.

Alberto T says:

WOW que intenso… Spm… Sobre el simulador en chinga pa calmar estás ganas de correr….

aleksandar smolenski says:

yeah , fist one is like video game . and so poor performance to pass like that 😀

Holzwurm _HD says:

The Intro reminded me of 2011

mick ???? says:

That last race was something else dam

Mellysia says:

Alex Zenardi is my favorite driver of all time. Even without his legs he's still a damn God behind the wheel. I miss old school Cart and Champ car racing.

Martin Allen says:

Really wish they would stop placing cameras at the end of straights.

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