Top 20 Funniest and Most Embarrassing Moments in Sports – Part 2

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lofty3417 says:

@ 1.09 seconds the commenter said tennis ball, I always thought table tennis used ping pong balls.

keithcessna1 says:

So many mistakes in this.

twrampage says:

The amount of terms and words you mix up here is ridiculous.

BeardNoiseDubz says:

8:47. What you came for 😏

BeardNoiseDubz says:

I came for the thumbnail 😉

Bryce Cheng says:

I only clicked because that thimbnail girl really got me excited.

abc D says:

There arent any nipples in this video

Oscar Nathaniel Nacar says:

The body builder I smile

Fgo noobie Noob says:

Lol thats funny i loved the 2nd vid

Oilerfan5 says:

Might wanna get your stories straight, Steve Smith goal was bad but you showed the Patrick Stefan miss was much more embarrassing as the Oilers took it back the other way to score and tie the game with seconds left.

1HaYdeNS4 1CRaYonS4 says:

(- -)
|-| |-|

Junior Martinez says:

I wanna my 🖒

Shebbarn says:

When you're so early that there is no comments to like or comment on…

jack unknown says:

what happened to you guys???

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