Tristan Thompson joins Posted Up with Chris Haynes: A Yahoo Sports Podcast

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Cleveland Cavaliers star Tristan Thompson joins Yahoo Sports Senior NBA Insider Chris Haynes on the latest episode of ‘Posted Up’ to discuss the Cavs in the post-LeBron era, the end of the rivalry with the Warriors, the alleged incident with Draymond Green and much more.

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Steven Fox says:

Hurt that man's feelings…. #lawnmowers and 😂😂😂

Grammar Police - says:

TT chose to be a reality star over the NBA no team will sign him other than for KK advertising . At least Lamar did it when he was already a legend

OGGOAT_ _ says:

I like TT..he active when healthy and engaged

shilene robinson says:

Love this guys attitude #BeTheFight 👍🏾

Edmund Aja-Bisong Jr. says:

What a lovely interview, extremely entertaining, I laughed my heart out…

Chuck T says:


akasi armah says:

I felt like Chris Haynes was almost laughing at TT….unprofessional.

Yohart says:

When you coming to Jamaica bro!

Lori Preston says:

he started off the interview bagging tf out this nigga LMAO!!!!

Joe Black says:

Awesome Interview Chris and Tristan. Thank you for the uploading!!!

Ali Kazem says:

at the end of the day

Zion McFarland says:

Tristan Thompson Kardashian goin to the club after this to go motorboat some tig Ol bitties


Thompson is a real one… #RealTalk

Hoddy_Bbgm says:

That was a good interview ! He was giving hella game ! Respect 💯

YoursTruly Rob says:

Happy New year #2019

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